Are ABQ Police Downplaying the Bodies found at the Sunport?

It’s gruesome enough, but it seems like there’s a downplay and a shush coming from the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) in regard to bodies found Friday and identified Sunday. Is it honestly just the investigation? Or is it something more sneaky? Such as keeping embarrassing facts out of the news just weeks after the appointment of Police Chief Medina was announced at city hall in Albuquerque? APD in particular seems to be keeping details out of the media when it comes to what may be serial murders involving at least four individuals killed, found dead, dismembered and in a pickup decomposing and parked in public paid parking at the Sunport, Albuquerque’s International Airport. Police spokesman confirms at least some of the individuals have been dead for weeks, “Obviously, they were missing for a long time, so the condition was pretty bad,” Gallegos said.

Four bodies– reported as being in, “various states of decomposition,” by APD according to KOAT were found on Friday at 1 am. Since then, more details have slowly been released including the names of the individuals once they were identified, a suspect, and a second person of interest (and perhaps considered a second suspect?).

One headline has read, “dismembered bodies,” and Gra

nts Police Lt. David Chavez said the bodies, which had decomposed, “were not whole” and at least two were in pieces. Three of the victims Matthew Miller, Jennifer Lannon and Jesten Mata, who all knew each other, disappeared around the same time and were residents of Grants, NM. These individuals have been missing since January. A fourth victim, Randal Apostalon, doesn’t appear to have a connection to the other three and police have not publicly stated a theory connecting him to the other three victims. Chavez said the three people from Grants all disappeared around the same time, and are believed to be friends who hung out together.

UPDATE: Lannon was arrested in Missouri this morning by U.S. Marshalls. Let’s hope the Feds step in & take over the investigation so APD doesn’t botch another one.

Sean Lannon, the ex-husband of victim Jennifer Lannon, is wanted in connection to the deaths and is wanted by police in New Jersey in connection to a murder that police said was not random. KRQE reports that, “The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office said it has received a lot of tips on Lannon but still is looking for him. He is considered armed and dangerous. The U.S. Marshal’s Service is offering a $5,000 leading to Lannon’s arrest.”

Daniel “Perro” Lemos, 45, is also wanted for questioning in the case and both men knew Miller, Jennifer Lannon and Mata, who all lived in Grants.

So, what do we have? An honest and straightforward APD? Or an APD that tried to downplay a situation and doesn’t want to talk about drug-connected and potentially cartel-related potential serial murders in the Duke City?

Images of Sean Lennon, wanted for questioning in two states in connection to five murders

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