Taxpayer-Funded Student Org to Co-Sponsor Training with NM Antifa on “Decolonizing” Minds of Youth

ALBUQUERQUE: The Antifa-trained and linked organization Fight for Our Lives will be co-hosting a training with Albuquerque’s Generation Justice, a taxpayer-funded organization that aims to “organize” youth. Generation Justice has boasted that they have legislators including Senator Linda Lopez and Senator Ortiz y Pino on their advisory board. Now, the Antifa organization and taxpayer funded organization will host an online training that, “ an exercise in how to identify, deconstruct, and rebuild narratives for truth, power, and decolonization.” The event also says it is, “Part of FFOLs Week of Political Education.” Hmmmm… Does that sound like the destruction of culture and reeducation of society? …socialism and communism, anyone?

Over the past couple months we’ve documented how New Mexico’s Antifa movement is run through the Albuquerque organization Fight for our Lives (that also runs anunder-the-table charity “Albuquerque Mutual Aid” which collects money on the sly, but isn’t registered with the Secretary of State). We also documented how the organization Generation Justice which receives taxpayer funding through the University of New Mexico proudly touts Fight for Our Lives as a “community partner.”

Next week– just as the New Mexico legislative session starts– the domestic terrorist groups and Antifa arm Fight for our Lives, are preparing to indoctrinate and equip young, impressionable, locked up and bored youth to disrupt the democratic process. They do it by teaching youth social discontent and creating social upheaval, then giving the youth something to do such as terrorizing people online or in person shutting down highways, roads and streets. How are we training our youth to take on our values? Are we training them at all?

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