2020 Recap: Best Year of Blogging

What a memorable year! While it is unfortunate we’ve had to write so many stories For our blog and readership, it was fantastic year that outperformed our previous best year of blogging (2014) by over 25%.

We were on the front lines, reporting stories and sharing analysis that nobody else wanted to cover, or would take the time to break down. We were one of the first in the nation to report on contact tracing and report that immunizations would be on the ground before mass gatherings will be “legal” again (this story was a our top-read story), we also went toe-to-to with Antifa and Black Lives Matter in a showdown at Civic Plaza in Albuquerque, where a patriot was attacked before cowardly police leadership finally pushed back on violent BLM leaders who had been threatening me, the pastor of Legacy Church in Albuquerque and others. I was also a guest on Michelle Malkin Live where I talked about the importance of standing up to BLM/Antifa and the potential attacks these organizations planned to confront us with.

UNM College Students from Albuquerque’s Fight for Our Lives raise fists in the air during their visit to Portland, Oregon where they, presumably, trained with Antifa.

And the countdown for story with the most blog hits is…..

5. Town of Silver City to Mandate Masks Including for Exercise and “Private Transportation”

4. New Mexico BLM Brings in National Org to help with “Security” + BLM’s Continued Intimidation of Legacy Church

3. NM COVID-19 Recap: Report Your Neighbor Prioritized over Health Hotline + Vague Data

2. It Begins: List of Governor’s Quislings and Snitches

1. NM Covid-19 Update: No Mass Gatherings + “Contact Tracing” to Include Immunization for COVID-19

I don’t do this full time, or even part time like some journalists and the alt-right bloggers in New Mexico. Instead I am a full-time straight-A student and work 50+ hours a week between my full time job and other jobs. If you feel like supporting my efforts, donate via PayPal to politicalfireball@live.com.

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