Gov. Grisham’s #Covid1984 Response Failed, When Do We get Bipartisan Solutions?

Governor Grisham has had since…since…since…March to work on a comprehensive Cover-19 solution. What she has tried, obviously, hasn’t worked. So, now she’s stooping to calling her political opponents names (through spokesman Stelnicki), trying to stop large vehicle gatherings/socially-distanced parades, telling us that two-hour long lines to buy food are “Republican talking points,” and generally bullying New Mexicans.

With failure after failure, it is time to try something new. It’s time to bring in a bipartisan panel of legislators, business-owners, county officials and community stakeholders to find a solution to reopening New Mexico and protecting New Mexican’s health because the Governor with all her bullying and harsh responses (some of the worst in the nation) has failed badly. We’re as bad off as states who have had half the shutdowns she’s had.

Last night I aired this perspective on Twitter, calling for the Governor to take a comprehensive solution to reopening New Mexico along these lines (you can read the full monologue here):

1. Transparency.

2. Release data.

3. Bi-partisan Reopen New Mexico input.

4.Multi-cultural approach (Native counties racially targeted).

5. Rural/Urban representation. 6. End partisan bullying, no harassing political opponents who speak up.

When a government official’s solutions fail, you don’t blame the citizens, you reevaluate. But what has happened is that Republicans are blamed for food lines created in response to Governor Grisham’s policies as businesses fear losing licenses when the Governor punishes them. Families travel farther for food (or shop out of state) and may even go hungry.

Nine months of Governor’s policies have not worked. It’s not time to blame New Mexicans, that has been done ad nauseam. It is time reevaluation. It’s time for a bi-partisan, multi-cultural, rural/urban approach that includes the input of everyone, not just policies that favor the Governor’s donors, activists or pet corporations. It’s time for policies that allow people who want to work, to work.

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