SCRUBBED: Taxpayer-Funded Generation Justice Deletes Pictures and Advisors List After We Exposed Connection to Albuquerque Antifa

ALBUQUERQUE: Tuesday we released a well-documented article detailing the connection between a violence-inciting, Antifa-linked organization and the KUNM/taxpayer-funded Generation Justice (GJ), an organization that claims to benefit kids through public radio and media exposure. However, GJ works with community partners such as Fight for Our Lives (FFOL), which GJ declares to be a “long time family member” organization. Fight for Our Lives President Jonathan Alonzo Juarez, and his sidekick Zoey Craft are part of the leadership team that recently went to Portland, Oregon where the core team dressed, posed and presumably trained with Antifa.

We must have hit a sore spot when we showed Generation Justice’s ties to others in the community and specifically to state Senators Linda Lopez and Ortiz y Pino. Generation Justice pulled down pictures on its front page featuring Senator Linda Lopez and completely deleted (censored!) its page showing who its “advisors” are. However, they didn’t do it before we had archived their website and the pages we linked to.

Sorry, guys, you won’t escape so easily! You can find the “advisors and ambassadors” link archived here. As a matter of fact, the organization run by Roberta Rael, hid most of its website after our story. However, much of the website is available as an archive, including its funding page which shows connections to progressive-tied McCune Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation (big surprise there, we’ve been following the Kellogg Foundation for over half of the last decade).

Senator Linda Lopez is seen in a number of pictures (below) advocating for Generation Justice. Give her a call and ask if she supports their ties to Portland-trained Albuquerque Antifa groups:

Phone: (505) 831-4148 and Email:

If you missed our last story exposing Albuquerque’s Antifa operatives led by Jonathon Juarez and Zoey Craft, check it out here!

Also: If you haven’t watched this video about violent uprisings planned by Antifa-linked organizations, please do. All Patriots should be aware of violence that has been planned against President Donald J. Trump and supporters.

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