Gov. Grisham to Threaten Home-Owner and Police Private Property After Leaked Fundraiser Invite

LAS CRUCES: Tuesday afternoon the New Mexico State Police served the Doña Ana County Republican Headquarters in Las Cruces, New Mexico with a cease and desist. The threat notified the Republican Party that Governor Grisham considered a rally they had scheduled for Thursday, October 22, at the party headquarters, with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy considered a violation of governor Grisham’s order. The event aimed to benefit congressional candidate Yvette Herrell. Oddly, as far as we’re concerned the event may have been cancelled, but Grisham sent law enforcement to make sure she did everything she could to shut it down. This, even despite the fact the event promised to follow Covid-safe measures.

Grisham wanted the Covid-safe event shut down, but on the other hand, Covid-19 hasn’t stopped her from campaigning on behalf of presidential candidate Joe Biden in his fundraiser that featured Willie Nelson and Nelson’s sons (while she’s been supposedly under quarantine) after one of her janitors tested positive for Covid-19.

Grisham’s Health Secretary also said the owner of a private residence will be given a cease and desist after it was leaked to the media that there may be a private reception at a private home that same Thursday evening. Progressive writer for the Las Cruces Sun-News Algernon D’Ammassaa broke the story yesterday evening. Clearly, Governor Grisham plans to use her power to shut down as many Republican political events as she can– even if it means policing people’s private homes. Have non-Republican events been treated just as harshly? We all know the answer to that question. Welcome to…America? Where our Governor can do as she wishes, but demands we march in lock step.

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