BREAKING: End NM In-Person Voting? Gov. Grisham Dodges Question, Sends Sec. of State to Attack

SANTA FE: New Mexicans have been concerned Governor Grisham could shut down in-person voting after her press conference last week where she stated she will consider restricting the number of places New Mexicans can take each day. After yesterday’s release showing Covid-19 cases have gone up, we’re concerned Grisham will take the opportunity to punish New Mexicans in today’s weekly press conference. She sent a clear message: Three stops or less is good. Definitely no more than seven or eight (read more about that here).

Could this impact voting? Governor Grisham refused to issue a statement of her own, but she did send Secretary of State Maggie T. Oliver to make a statement. Many New Mexicans have shown concern about the possibility Gov. Grisham could shut down in-person voting, or restrict it even further, making it hard to have our voices heard through the democratic voting process. Some individuals came up with the date of October 15th as the day Gov. Grisham could shut down in-person voting. Then yesterday afternoon Secretary of State Maggie T. Oliver (who has been supported by George Soros, just as Grisham has) released a number of defensive comments, perhaps revealing the truth of Grisham’s intent? Deny. Deny. Deny. But can’t Grisham reassure us herself? Does Grisham plan to cancel voting despite the denial of her Sec. of State Oliver? Here’s what Sec. Maggie T. Oliver had to say. And then she doubled down even more:

Read the original post here.

Responding to a nameless “Facebook group?” Really Maggie? Can’t you do better than that? (Oh, yeah, we’re pretty sure we know what Facebook group she’s talking about, too!)

But there is more!

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The extended statement that the Republican Party of New Mexico shared on Facebook is even more terrifying. In the statement, Maggie– a New Mexico elected official– is warning New Mexicans that if they say things she doesn’t want put out on social media, she will report them to the FBI and other unnamed federal entities. Report New Mexicans for what? Theorizing that we might not be able to vote? For griping about long voting lines? For saying voters may be turned away? For criticizing our elected officials incompetent? For calling our officials socialists? How far can we take this? We will let our readers further connect the dots. And, yes, we recommend YOU contact Attorney General Barr about concerns of civil rights violations by Governor Michelle Grisham and Secretary of State Maggie T. Oliver.

On another note: You want the Feds involved, Maggie? And more specifically, Spokesperson Alex Curtas? Feel free to give them my email and phone number. Please do. I’ll be happy to talk to them about the ridiculous control our executive branch is putting us through, how we’re treated and controlled like kindergarten children, and how we want answers, which is why New Mexicans are speculating as to what limiting us to “three” or “no more than five” stops a day might actually mean.

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