NEXT: Gov. Grisham Plans to Limit Number of Places Citizens Visit Each Day

SANTA FE: Speaking to New Mexicans last week, Governor Grisham discussed how New Mexicans had once again caused Covid-19 spikes. She says it is our careless actions and failure to follow her edicts. But is it really? Axios reported last week that Covid-19 cases were rising in New Mexico, actually that we were one of the states with the most rising numbers. In last week’s press conference, Governor Grisham even discussed limiting the number of businesses New Mexicans can stop each day. Don’t believe it? Watch here!

Three stops or less is good. Definitely no more than seven or eight.

Is it because people aren’t wearing masks or social distancing? Ask anybody– surrounding states of Arizona, Texas and Colorado aren’t in the red like we are and they also don’t have the harsh rules we do. Governor Grisham is failing and she knows it. But, that won’t stop her from telling us it is our fault and we need to be under lockdown again.

We’re in the red, but we’re the state with one of the harshest lockdowns in the nation. Read more here. Could it be harsher lockdown is actually driving cases up?

One thought on “NEXT: Gov. Grisham Plans to Limit Number of Places Citizens Visit Each Day

  1. Almost every weekend & lately throughout the week, tourists flock to our small mountain town. We as business owners enforce mask wearing, frequent disinfection & social distancing even if we lose business. They come in large family groups, eat out, picnic @ the lake, stay in vacation rentals in our neighborhoods & do as they please. We the citizens have jumped through every hoop the Governor has put up trying desperately to hang on to our businesses, jobs & schools. We will not be told where, when & how often we can travel in this free country.


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