Rio Rancho: Black New Mexico Movement “Peace Talk” Flops

Rio Rancho: Witnesses, videos and pictures show that the “Black New Mexico Movement” in Rio Rancho was a flop. LaQuonte Te Barry, a founder of the Black New Mexico Movement declares that he’s tired and ready to take a step back from the movement after a failed protest and “peace talk,” where individuals who have been critical of his violent and menacing tactics were not allowed to speak. Check out pictures below:

Small gathering of BLM protesters supporting the Black New Mexico Movement gather in Rio Rancho on Saturday.

Watch a video showing the small group here.

As we discussed last week, LaQuonte Te Barry has refused to communicate with individuals, including myself, who have tried to talk and discuss our disagreements with his racially charged activism and his insistence on calling anyone who doesn’t agree with him “racist.” To demonstrate, lets put it this way– if a waitress recommends a meal to a customer and they disagree with her choice, that doesn’t make them racist. That means they have different appetites and tastes. It doesn’t even mean the waitress is right and customer is wrong. Maybe the waitress is Hispanic and loves spicy food and the customer doesn’t like spicy food. We’re individuals and will never agree on absolutely everything with others. Is it possible that if we don’t agree we just think your ideas are stupid? We’re judging you, not your race or sex!

In the video below, LaQuonte Te Barry’s discusses how he’s getting tired, but how he plans a “big event,” (perhaps a riot or protest?) the week after the election. Don’t worry, we’re alerting authorities (and of course we’ll keep you updated when we get more deets):

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