New Mexico BLM to Host “Peace Talk,” But Doesn’t Want to Talk with Conservative Leaders

They’re hosting a “peace talk” but those who don’t march with them in lockstep are not invited or allowed to participate. The leader of the Black Lives Matter-aligned Black New Mexico Movement LaQuonte Te Barry announced he would be holding an event in Rio Rancho where individuals will speak and talk about registering to vote. The “peace talk” event will be held tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in at the Rio Rancho Civic Center. Read the information on it here. We believe it will be a “peace talk” in word only. It’s really going to be an anti-New Mexico, white and brown culture hate-fest.

What’s ironic is that LaQuonte Te Barry has already rejected discussions with those who don’t condone his violent movement. I have tried to talk with him for weeks if not months. He hasn’t been interested. As a matter of fact the last time I challenged him to talk about our differences (at least in approach to race) he blocked me on Twitter saying,

Te wrote “F*%& you” to me before blocking me when I tried to get him to sit down and talk with those of us who don’t believe in his hate for white, brown and New Mexican people.

If Black New Mexico Movement (BNMM) group truly cared about race relations, they’d want to sit down and talk to me. I’m a harmless person, and unlike him I wasn’t detained by police for blatantly toting around a gun and apparently trying to play cop like he was trying to do this summer. Nothing says, “I’m a mature, respectful adult,” like “F— you.” Oh, wait!

Barry and his group are holding this “talk” to doubtless preach at Rio Rancho and condemn the whiteness and brownness of the community. Barry is still angry after Rio Rancho community objected to the Black Lives Matter-tied group’s last protest in Rio Rancho and turned out in far higher numbers than the black lives activists. As we reported previously, it was comical when Black New Mexico Movement leaders asked that his group get a police escort to their cars as they left, even while some of their protesters carried signs that said, “All Cops are B*stards.” So…which is it, LaQuonte Te Barry?

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