Back the Blue Rally “Protest” Draws Heavy Support, in Contrast to Recent BLM Protest

Horns honked and pickups raced by as well over 100 people (probably close to 200, considering there were constant individuals heading in and out) gathered in Rio Rancho near the Rio Premier theater. Young people carried “Don’t Tread on me” and U.S. flags, while over a dozen back the blue flags lined the intersection of Southern and Unser.

The message couldn’t be clearer that Rio Rancho backs the blue. Men in motorcycle vests and young men and women mingled as they cheered for honking vehicles and occasionally out-shouted the few unfriendly cars driving by.

The Back the Blue Rally was hosted at the same location where, about ten days ago, Black Lives Matter planned to host their anti-police protest, before moving their rally location twice that day and asking for an escort to their cars by Rio Rancho PD after hundreds showed up to their anti-police protest.

Check out this video of an excited pickup driver and some pictures.

Patriotic guys and gals proudly promote law enforcement.
A long line of flags line the street.

Te Barry, the lead organizer for the Black New Mexico Movement has already promised to be back to Rio Rancho, though we’re not sure how soon that will be because he has already postponed his next protest once.

Te Barry BLM/BNMM organizer promised to be back.

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