New Mexico BLM Brings in National Org to help with “Security” + BLM’s Continued Intimidation of Legacy Church

Update TWO: location changed again to:

Parking lot next to MVD Express
4000 Southern Blvd SE
Rio rancho 87124

Update: After our expose showing how this organization repeatedly targets Legacy Church in Albuquerque, BLM/BNMM changed the location of their protest to a parking lot across from Weck’s in Rio Rancho (screenshots below).

RIO RANCHO: The Black Lives Matter organization that’s dubs itself the Black New Mexico Movement is protesting in Rio Rancho tomorrow. New Mexico’s Albuquerque-based Black Lives Matter organizer Te Barry (if that is even his name) claims his organization doesn’t have a security team, will be unarmed (“unarmed” with skateboards?) and contends that he’s not a violent person. Videos of Te confronting a journalist at a past protest show he can become very angry and that it will get so bad that he has to be restrained by his fellow BLM leader Lisa, so that he won’t attack a journalist. Watch the video below:

Watch as Te declares he’s “not violent,” but is thought of as violent:

Te: “I guess people would say that I’m a violent person, but I’m not a violent person. I don’t promote violence.”

The same week the video above was taken, Te Barry and his friend Frankie Grady, a Kindergarten teacher no less, had made threatening comments toward the pastor of the well-established Legacy Church in Albuquerque, and suggested that they protest the church. Legacy’s Pastor Smotherman took the threat seriously. Smotherman had held a protest at the same location as mine earlier in the week. Why BLM and its leaders, Te Barry and Frankie Grady, would hate the church is beyond me. Smotherman wasn’t even criticizing BLM or Te at his protest, but focusing on reopening New Mexico.

Digging a little deeper we can see that Te Barry is now doubling down on his hate for the Evangelical church, holding his protest tomorrow in the parking lot adjacent to Legacy Church in Rio Rancho. We wonder why his hate is specifically leveled at churches repeatedly, as if he wants to intimidate Christians.

And while Te contends he’s not violent (above evidence clearly shows he had to be restrained by Lisa), he also has brought in the national Antifa/BLM organization Wall of Vets to work his event as “security,” even while he declares that his organization will not have security. Which is it, Te?

Oh, yeah, Te’s group also promoted “training” held by Wall of Vets, too.

Again, troubling to see these guys apparently organized and hoping for a confrontation.
“We do not have a private security team or militia among our ranks because we are not those things,” says Te.
“Now as to Wall of Vets.”

You decide. Does Black Lives Matter New Mexico/Black New Mexico Movement seems peaceful to you? Or do they seem intent on stirring up unrest and potentially violence? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “New Mexico BLM Brings in National Org to help with “Security” + BLM’s Continued Intimidation of Legacy Church

  1. Geez…your church is clearly racist…pretty sad guys. Pretty fucking sad. Love the ‘skateboard’ comment. Fucking pathetic. Jesus frowns mightily I promise.



    1. So How is this church racist? Just because you say so? Jesus I am sure is sad at what is going on. ALL lives matter to JESUS!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. According you your pastor that doesn’t include LGBTQ members. And yes I have been to services. Smotherman gave out a number of someone trying to be LGBTQ inclusive, told the church to harass this person and tell them homosexuality is a sin. Smotherman follows his own personal agenda and its completely obvious. Look at how much he speaks about who is sinning, and not how we should accept everyone how Jesus and God accept everyone.


      2. It is evident that you do not want hear and or accept the truth. It is our sinful and rebellious nature that separates us from a holy God and only His Son Jesus can save us from them. Search the scriptures and His will for your life Linda. Jesus loves you.

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  2. Scripted 🤨
    He’s reading from a script, assuming here, provided by the BLM ORGANIZATION / Company /Entity. Why do they care so much about Legacy Church? What’s to gain? Here’s the deal, there is an agenda, BLM Organization (Not black people, HUGE difference, THE ORGANIZATION) is violent, a Marxist (they are proud of this, founded on this) they say one thing and their actions are another. Clearly you see that from the videos, clearly you see he is reading from a script. Stop blindly following the BLM Organization. They are dangerous. They are damaging and taking away from the real UNITY of people.


    1. Wow, ignorance is so sweet. How about you do some real research on BLM. Also Te writes out everything he says and make sure his information is accurate. Dont talk about someone your clearly to ignorant to know about


  3. Lol LaQuonte hahahahaha do these feral Burn Loot Murder animals ever consider it’s names like that coupled with their extensive violent criminal rap sheets that makes society treat them lesser.


  4. Can I get copies of this crap article so I can clean my bum with it.. legacy is the reason many will die from covid.. [censored]✌️


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