Town of Silver City to Mandate Masks Including for Exercise and “Private Transportation”

After a couple weeks of groveling about nobody doing anything about the town ordinance for Silver City, New Mexico, I decided to finally make some time to write about it. Reading it makes me angry, not so much because of the mask mandate– I have to wear one eight hours a day anyway at work– but because the morons on the Silver City council, this time lead by Cynthia “Call her Karen”* Bettison who think they’re God’s gift to the town to help promote their progressive green agenda, are again overreaching. Without a big nudge, Silver City, and Grant County, residents are not going to stand up to them in any kind of organized effort. Once again. Why am I not surprised?

While the city did send out letters to city residents who will be impacted by the ordinance, they didn’t bother to send their letter to the county residents and households in the extra territorial zone. As usual, they ignore the less Socialistic-thinking residents outside the city limits that are just as impacted by their draconian socialistic policies, and have to live by them, but don’t have a vote on the city council. Since they control most of the business in the county, can’t the city bother to inform everyone impacted by their policies?

What happened to, “my body, my choice?”

But I read the ordinance. And it’s really annoying. You can read it to HERE. Basically, the once wannabe mayor and town councilor Cynthia “Karen” Bettison has proposed a Socialistic policy that would mandate everyone wear masks whenever they could possibly run into somebody who isn’t in their immediate household, or any time they are seen by the public. Bettison’s proposed ordinance would require people to wear masks, or face a $50 fine. Aside from the regular shopping and business requirements, Bettison’s proposal includes wearing a mask, “while utilizing public or private transportation (which is not defined by the ordinance), walking or running in public and during outdoor physical activities such as exercising and sports.” While the ordinance, and I presume its author Cynthia “Karen” Bettison claims this won’t impact people who are in the privacy of their cars, it still does because the ordinance people must wear face coverings while utilizing curbside service + there is no definition of “private transportation.” Does that include bicycles? So…which is it?


If you’re a Grant County resident, as a number of my readers are, please feel free to reach out to the Silver City Town Council and tell them what you think of the ordinance. I’m sure Councilor Cynthia “Karen” Bettison could use an extra amount of emails with feedback from the community telling her what you think. And even if you’re not in the county, feel free to share your insight.

The city has advertised this contact information as what should be used for comment on the ordinance:

The legal notice has read in part, “Public comments will be accepted until Aug. 25, 2020. Comments may be submitted on the Town’s website, or to , or by writing to the Town Council, Town of Silver City, P.O. Box 1188, Silver City, NM 88062.

Councilor Cynthia Bettison: Phone: 575-597-7031

(You can also reach Bettison on Facebook HERE)

Lynda D. Aiman-Smith: Phone: 575-597-7032 or Cell: 575-519-1680

Guadalupe E. Phone: 575-597-7034

Jose A. Ray, Jr.: Phone: 575-313-4944

Additionally, you can complain to the Town Manager Alex Brown here:


The Town Council has said they will allow comment on this ordinance until this coming Tuesday. their last meeting before they’ve proposed a vote on the ordinance, which is planned for two weeks later on September 8th. Please share your input. Remind them that they haven’t given those who work in the city, but live in the county the chance to be informed like they did with the city residents and generally tell the councilors that this is an awful idea and repetitive, when we already have emergency health orders which the state can, and does, enforce.


Secondly, join Silver City residents for an anti-mask mandate protest on Hwy 180 and Swan Street near the WNMU building on Tuesday, August 25 from 5pm to 7:30 pm. Help locals send a clear message to Councilor Cynthia “Karen” Bettison that we don’t need her ridiculous mask mandate. Signs will be provided, but you can bring a U.S., Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) flag or similar. Join and share the Facebook event HERE.

So far, the ordinance hasn’t received a lot of public blow-back. But it should. We already have a state mandate on masks. We don’t need this trashy legislation at the local level that, additionally, gives the city the authority to require face coverings without any future expiration. So…in 2030, when the babes in arms today are ten years old, there will still be some ordinance on the books requiring people to wear masks in public, while jogging?

So what do you think? Please share and help spread the word about the ridiculous Silver City mask mandate and help us defeat it!

*Karen is a derogatory term of uncertain origin often used to refer to white women who push their beliefs, privilege and knowledge around. It’s also often used to refer to tattle tales and angry Gen X & Boomer women who always demand to see a manager. In a previous era: Busybody.

9 thoughts on “Town of Silver City to Mandate Masks Including for Exercise and “Private Transportation”

  1. OK ” Karen” your just pushing for your own popularity not knowing or understanding what real science says about when you restrict everyone’s oxygen. Or the risk of Legionnaire’s disease from dirty toxic mask. You should be ashamed of your self centered self!

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  2. Per the New Mexico COVID website, Grant County’s Positivity Test Rate is at 1.2% as of today. This is about one-third the State Test Rate of 3.5% which is one of the lowest in the nation .Grant County and Silver City already abide by the State guidelines of social distancing and wearing of face masks. Does the proposed ordinance give any scientific justification for the increased restrictions? If so, what are the metrics that must be met in order to rescind this ordinance? If there is no scientific justification and no mechanism by which this ordinance will be rescinded, then it is but a groundless exercise of political power. In short, it is tyranny.

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  3. This moment of “my freedoms are being crushed by tyrants”, brought to you by people who have no idea what they’re talking about, as usual. And I really love the ignorance in relation to masks as well. Definitely lots of doctors on this site. In the same way that Dr.Pepper is a doctor, that is.


  4. And as an aside, I love the fact that this entire ridiculous anti-masking statement, is accompanied by ads selling masks. I don’t know who did the ad placement, but sheer comic Brilliance, let me tell you.


  5. Did anybody notice on all the signs all the stores that mandates you must wear a mask has no ordinance number so you can’t look it upfor their mandated mask-wearing


    1. Hi, ever hear of no shoes, no shirt, no service? Pretty much the same damn thing. If you want to be a selfish individual, learn how to get your Hot Pockets off of Amazon.


    1. You’re destroying the future for my (potential) children and grandchildren. Before I have any, I need to make sure they can live and breathe free. That’s why I’m speaking up!


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