BOOM: More on Antifa-Linked Oñate Protester Scott Williams Who Led Attack on Steven Baca

ALBUQUERQUE: Scott Daniel Williams is the 39-year-old who slammed Steven Baca with a skateboard repeatedly and knocked Steven on the head with a skateboard before Steven, who was chased by at least three assailants during this time, drew his weapon and shot in self-defense. Both Scott and Steven were attending the now well-known Oñate statue protest where protesters sexually abused Oñate, jostled each other in the crowd and things escalated until the point that protesters chased Steven Baca, shouting, “we’re going to f**cking kill you,” and “he’s a cop.” It wasn’t a peaceful protest and the Antifa there didn’t intend for it to be peaceful. They had been planning to pull the Oñate statue down long before the protest had even occurred.

You can watch Williams in action as he chases Steven, attacks him with a skateboard over the head and knocks him to the ground before Steven defends himself:

Scott Williams is a proud supporter of Antifa. Thanks to his parents who were also at the protest, and specifically his mother Denise, we know that he has been involved in Antifa-linked protests in the past. Scott’s mother even went so far as to proclaim, “Scott is extremely active in activism and equality issues of every kind. He was at Standing Rock. He’s always been very passionate about equality and human rights. And we support him in that completely. We have been taught..that the Black Lives [Matter] movement has escalated—to lament, to listen, to learn and to leverage. And we want to leverage this situation for change.” Her closing words should be concerning for conservatives and anti-communists. Read them again, “we want to leverage this situation for change.” It’s almost as if the cause was even more important than the son?

On his “art” website, Scott shares pictures taken during the Dakota pipeline protests his mother bragged about. The pictures are shared without any commentary from Scott, but show graffiti on monuments and the anarchy symbol. Included are comments including, “Decolonize history,” and “White history celebrates genocide.” It’s unclear whether Scott contributed to the graffiti or not.

Photos from Scott Williams website shows dedication to racial upheaval.
The anarchy sign, synonymous with Antifa, is prominent in many pictures Scott shares on his personal website.

On social media, which seems to be mostly scrubbed, Scott Daniel Williams shares a link to an Antifa resource site that offers recommendations such as how to erase your digital footprint, an article titled, “In Defense of Looting,” and a Twitter thread on books for individuals becoming “radicalized.” One of the recommended books was Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

In 2017, Scott’s [former] friends filed a police report when they felt he was threatening them for not being radical enough. He was breaking up a friendship and threatening people over his friends admiration for Milo Yiannopoulos (police report courtesy of the Eye in Albuquerque).

One of Scott’s profile pictures featured a white bear wearing Antifa black.


  • In photos from the scene available online, Scott is clearly ready for violence when he’s dressed for the Oñate protest. He carried a sign that encourages violence and is dressed in Antifa black, just like his little bear. I guess he thinks that’s a representation of himself? I guess the bear does resemble the black-clad Scott as seen in the photos above. What do you think? Share this post and comment your thoughts below.
  • 7 thoughts on “BOOM: More on Antifa-Linked Oñate Protester Scott Williams Who Led Attack on Steven Baca

    1. Isn’t he a little old for this kind of thing? Most people his age have JOBS. I was working when I was 39; I would have been ashamed to NOT have a job! He’s pretty stupid too – the wheel is spinning but the hamster is comatose. And his mother! No wonder he’s such an @$$hat.


      1. Yes, Robin, I believe you’ve correctly identified the problem here. Mr. Williams is a millennial snowflake who has never held a real job and likely still lives in his parents’ basement. The fact that he’s had everything handed to him explains explains why he supports the Antifa, anarchist, communist position of taking from productive citizens and giving to those who are unwilling work. His parents should be ashamed for raising such a loser.


        1. Scott was my boss some years ago he was the shop manager in charge of the woodworking, metal fabrication, and ceramics facilities and the foundry. Pretty sure he has had a job. Great boss. Also a decent carpenter, an outdoorsman, he ain’t no snowflake and you probably wouldn’t say it to his face. Really great dude. Kind, generous. Super solid. You people are on the wrong team you ought to be ashamed.


    2. Steve Baca JR is my son. Thank you for the very professional article you wrote. Email me for any inside info you want on the case or if you are interested in talking with us. Very good work.


      1. You’ve correctly identified the problem here, Robin. This Williams is a millennial thug who has never worked a day in his life, and likely still lives in his parents’ basement. He’s been coddled and given everything he wants, which fits with his support of the Antifa, anarchist, communist goal of taking from productive citizens and giving it to worthless, lazy scumbags. His parents should be ashamed for raising such a loser!


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