Re: Gov Grisham: “Mommy Dearest” Letter Expresses Feelings of Many New Mexicans

This letter to the editor was originally posted in the Hobbs News-Sun. We’re reposting after it was shared with us via a picture here.

To the Editor:

My mother is gone.

Like many people my age, I lost my mother several years ago, a very sad time in my life. And then one morning in March of 2020 I awoke and found someone had appointed me a new Mommy. My new Mommy was nothing like my mother who was kind, considerate and cared for each of us, even the most independent and stubborn. My new Mommy is domineering, arrogant, condescending, hypercritical and somewhat gaudy and tolerates only the children that obey and are dependent upon her.

My new Mommy has pet children that live up and down the Rio Grande corridor, they bow to and obey all her wishes and demands without any thought to the consequences the new mandates may cause. She smiled on them, held out her hand and said, “kiss any of my rings” and proceeded to set her wrath toward the step-children down South who have a different vision of life based on God, Country, Freedom and Family. Mommy didn’t like the children she couldn’t control so she stamped her feet and slapped her tail in an attempt to show the step children who rules the empire and how with a single gesture of her bejeweled arm their livelihood could disappear. She let them know that protesting history is far better than worshipping the creator. She put restrictions on gatherings, unless the good children wanted to act out damaging property, breaking the law, fighting with their step-brothers and sisters and disrespecting law enforcement, all in the name of the first amendment. Mommy doesn’t subscribe to any Constitutional Amendments unless they benefit her cause, Mommy has numerous moral battles like that.

Mommy always says, “Do as I say, not as I do.” As the head Mommy, I will decide what laws will be enforced (state or federal), be it immigration, unlawful gatherings, or fining “descendants” who disobey health directives; no hypocrisy on my part. I will decide and direct how to spend the family money and what causes to support, perhaps hundreds of thousands on early childhood development and maybe a few dollars to Planned Parenthood maybe a bit more hypocrisy won’t be noticed, or will it?

I believe this step child is tiring of Mommy’s bipolar personality and leadership so, I declare I am going to live as I always have, believing in God, caring for my family, obeying laws that have been enacted and living by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and not by Mommy’s edicts or decrees.

So thank you “Mommy Dearest” but NO THANKS! I can’t follow your lead and I’m not going to get out of your way. I had a Mother, but she passed away. I still miss her, but I won’t miss you.

— Ron Robinett, Lovington

Do you agree with this letter to the editor? Please share this article far and wide. It’s time we let Governor Grisham hear us shout from the rooftops that her tyranny has been enough!!! Time to #ReopenNM! #FreeNM #LetThemEatTakeout 

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