Over 20,000 people are unemployed due to restaurant closures

As business after business shut their doors permanently, it is clear that New Mexico’s families are going to be in serious trouble as they struggle to put food on the table. The restaurant industry alone, which we’ve detailed as an industry that Governor Grisham has enjoyed targeting, has been hit particularly badly. Watch our video showing the numbers:

210 restaurants have shut their doors permanently

20,841 restaurant employees have been laid off

4,300,000 daily lost sales

These sobering numbers should have everyone concerned about what Grisham can do when she’s focused more on an agenda than on what is best for New Mexico. Lately, Grisham has been on rants about how awful the east side of the state is. As New Mexicans are told #LetThemEatTakeout, many have chosen to take business to Texas, Arizona and Colorado where restaurants are open for business because government leaders haven’t chosen to pick on one particular industry.

As you can see in this video taken in El Paso, many New Mexico residents choose to leave the state to conduct business thanks to how closed down and shut up New Mexico is.

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