Bad Math and Bad Science: Workforce Solution Sec. McCamley Happy to Put People Out of Work

Tuesday, Workforce Solutions Secretary Bill McCamley took to Facebook to preach a sermon at New Mexico restaurants and restaurant workers, explaining how it’s just great to put people out of work. The Governor’s mandate closing indoor dining is killing jobs and businesses. McCamley completely ignores the rising number of restaurants in New Mexico that will never reopen again and the impact this will have on New Mexico families and their jobs.

Then again, how do we expect McCamley to understand how economics works? He is the former Las Cruces state Representative who reported that he was unemployed and had no job or income (family, investments or otherwise), but claimed he loaned himself $45,000 to live off. He also has a sketchy living situation where someone claims to live in a home, that appears to be his, yet someone else is the primary resident and that person claims Bill is not the landlord.

But please disregard the above, McCamley is now an  expert on jobs. He’s also– somehow– a public health expert. And a COVID19 tracking expert. Despite the fact the incubation period of COVID19 is said to be between 5 and 10 days, McCamley claims credit card tracking proves restaurants are the problem. As he puts it, “higher restaurant spending in states predicted a rise in new infections there 3 weeks later.” His math is off. Maybe we shouldn’t trust a man who makes $45,000 a year, while unemployed? McCamley never did explain the actual reason restaurants are the problem.


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