EXPOSED: DA Torrez Protects Vigilantes, Won’t Charge Woman Who Assaulted Anti-Mask Protester

ALBUQUERQUE: Ten days ago I sponsored an anti-mask “We Can’t Breathe” protest at Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza. The protest was met with a counter-protest from Black Lives Matter (BLM), an Antifa-linked organization in Albuquerque. With APD’s helicopter circling the air, and police on standby, these terrorists were literally up in arms over the event and their outrage led to some national coverage (you can watch me on #MalkinLive, Michelle Malkin’s program here).

We’ve previously written about how these organizations are filled with organized ruthless urban terrorists. At the We Can’t Breathe protest, the terrorists told us they were the police and demanded we leave. They also assaulted an unmasked protester, which forced Albuquerque police to call in the riot squad, but this was only after our group had retreated to a different block, leaving Civic Plaza, at the request of APD. One man who was surrounded by terrorists couldn’t get out fast enough). I’ve previously shared videos documenting this.

Now, it’s been revealed, through the media organization Albuquerque Raw, just how unfairly District Attorney Torrez is in his treatment of protesters. While he has filed a civil lawsuit against the New Mexico Civil Guard (NMCG) for attending the Oñate protest where violence broke out after terrorists chased down and attacked Steven Baca and NMCG stepped in to (apparently to us) maintain some kind of peace. By ignoring the actions of BLM, Torrez is letting the self-appointed BLM “police” go free after one of their members assaulted a flag-carrying anti-mask protester who had done no harm to her. NMCG has not even claimed to be law enforcement. BLM has. Repeatedly.

When asked what he planned to do about BLM, District Attorney Torrez had no comment. Why? What do you think? Watch the video and share in the comments. When will District Attorney Raul Torrez stop playing interference for terrorist vigilantes?

One thought on “EXPOSED: DA Torrez Protects Vigilantes, Won’t Charge Woman Who Assaulted Anti-Mask Protester

  1. Posted to FB, Twitter and Parler. Only Parler showed the man and woman (photo). Is that Conservative censorship?


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