#COVID1984 Update: Governor Grisham has No Testing Plan

Aside from the fact she’s scolding us again, Governor Grisham has a number of things to say this past week. In her presser, New Mexico Governor Grisham revealed that she doesn’t have testing under control and Albuquerque’s TriCore is running the show, while she really has no clue what southern New Mexico labs are doing. In her press conference she pleads with other labs to contact the state so they can work together.

Why is Grisham just now— after four months of COVID19 testing going on— explaining that the state has had poor communication and hasn’t been coordinating well with southern New Mexico labs? What’s wrong with this picture? Why doesn’t she have a comprehensive plan by now? She has had four months to get something together. Is accurate testing and making sure there aren’t any number of mistakes important enough to be a priority?

Watch the video here:

One thought on “#COVID1984 Update: Governor Grisham has No Testing Plan

  1. That speech was nothing burger.” She talked a lot but she didn’t say much of anything. Basically she said, “Hi peasants. I didn’t do my job again. Sorry, but Lily Barrack id having another sale Buh-bye!”


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