Trump Deploys Feds to ABQ After Keller Focuses on and Enables SJWs, Crime

As if crime isn’t already high enough in Albuquerque, pre-Covid1984, it is getting even higher now with uncontrolled riots led by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, who are unleashed in the streets and allowed to do almost whatever they want at this point. For example, this past Sunday, law enforcement told me to have my group leave Civic Plaza in Albuquerque as BLM became belligerent and refused to leave my group of peaceful “We Can’t Breathe” protesters alone. Just before APD encouraged me to have my group cross the street, a BLM shouted at members of our group, “we are the new police.” While I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what that meant, it was just minutes later when a man with our group was leaving the plaza and was attacked by a member of the BLM group. The BLM woman, who was also armed with a six-inch sheathed knife, viciously attacked the man carrying a flag.

Read more and see clips made at time and. where BLM says “We are the new police” here.

Does Mayor Keller Condone BLM Vigilanteism? 

While I don’t doubt the sincerity of the APD officers at the scene, they addressed everyone politely and respectfully, APD obviously had orders not to interfere and wouldn’t be there to protect us until things got really bad. Instead it was up to our group to think and act defensively to keep ourselves from getting injured. None of this was able to stop a man from getting attacked by a BLM member, either. Perhaps in chasing the man with the U.S. flag, the BLM protester was showing us their version of what “we are the new police” looks like? Do BLM think they are their own form of vigilante? And if so, why isn’t Mayor Keller concerned? Let’s look at some recent history here– why are Civil Guard bad according to Mayor Keller, but BLM can get away with declaring they don’t need the real police, then nobody is arrested when an armed BLM woman attacks a retreating protester? Does BLM get a free pass because of race? Because the person attacking another is a woman? Or because she is with a group that hates the police and wants to take their place? It’s ironic that even the Civil Guard never claimed to replace the police, yet BLM wants the police replaced.

Feds Take Action

With crime escalating crime and Albuquerque’s Mayor and Governor Grisham more focused on race than crime, equality in crime fighting must be ensured. There is far less law enforcement protection than is needed in Albuquerque, and it is saddening that it reached the point where the Feds have had to get involved to keep matters from escalating further in the Duke City. After all, regardless of color, race, creed and all other variables, we should all be equally protected and of equal value and worth under the law. At this point, I don’t fault the police, but I do fault those who are giving them orders.

The Trump administration has said that they’re stepping in to deal with major crimes, like the homicides plaguing Albuquerque. Let’s admit it, crime is out of control and Mayor Keller would rather play race wars than protect citizens. Well, Grisham and Keller– if you don’t want the Feds to step in, do your job.


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