DISGUSTING: The Video Oñate Protesters and Gov. Grisham Don’t Want You to See

They’re probably Antifa. They’re definitely helping to heighten racial tensions. She cuts Oñate’s throat. He also isn’t wearing a mask, blatantly breaking Governor Grisham’s order.

Watch as protester demonstrates cutting Oñate’s throat in one clip, then meet the protester, identified as Matthew, who is obsessed with the statue and wants to take Oñate home. This is some of the disgusting disrespectful (and non-mask wearing activity) that occurred before things turned violent at the Oñate statue on June 15, 2020.

Is this hypocrisy or what? Where’s Governor Grisham’s outrage at these protesters refusing to wear a mask? And how about Matthew’s actions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

2 thoughts on “DISGUSTING: The Video Oñate Protesters and Gov. Grisham Don’t Want You to See

  1. Wow. A new low in faux protesting! Like that bunch of idiots and the pervert care anything whatsoever about “social justice” or Black lives mattering. Not as violent as antifa usually is, but definitely in poor taste. I didn’t know that statue-groping counted as protesting. We really need to open the schools back up – if only to provide daycare for idiots like them. Since we are in NM, that’s what most schools function as anyway.


  2. That guys name isn’t Mathew. His name is Josh Mendoza. I went to La Cueva with him. He clearly needs mental help.


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