Guest Appearance on #MalkinLive and Update on Maskless “We Can’t Breathe” Protest

Don’t miss information on appearance on #MichelleMalkinLive later today at the end of this post!

Last week we decided to host and promote an anti-mask rally in Albuquerque. It isn’t that we believe nobody should wear a mask (it sick people probably should in some cases), but we believe people should have the right to NOT wear a mask and still be able to shop at stores, go to doctor’s appointments (especially with their children), attend church and exercise without wearing a confining mask that impairs breathing. Every day I hear it from people, “I just can’t breathe with this mask,” or, “You could hear me better if I weren’t for this mask,” and, “I have less energy because I can’t breathe so well.” Just scroll through social media or chat with neighbors and you’ll see that whether it is pro- or con-mask wearing, in a non-politically charged environment, nearly everyone admits breathing and speaking are worse with a mask. For many New Mexicans, the mask doesn’t represent protecting anybody, but instead represents heavy breathing, submission, personal government fines and businesses that police, and even chase, their shoppers because the businesses are afraid of a heavy fine from the government.

Because of this, this we have an event and encourage Albuquerque residents, and anybody else with an interest, in attending the anti-mask “We Can’t Breathe” protest. Details on the protest, which will occur at Civic Plaza in Albuquerque, can be found here on Facebook. For those without a Facebook account the details are below and can also be found at

Albuquerque Civic Plaza

Sunday, July 19, 2020

10 a.m. — 12 p.m.

If you plan to attend, we encourage you to dress comfortably and bring water or something to drink. This is a peaceful protest and we intend to focus on the importance of free airflow and no government mandate or enforcement of a mask mandate that might be enforced by any government entity or snitch program (we’ve highlighted snitches on our blog in the past here). If you’d like to speak during the program, give us a message at our Facebook page Political Fireball. Any donations for water, or such would be appreciated as well.

With our event’s attendees and interested people rising in number, so have the attacks and criticisms. A couple of marginally-Republican individuals (one whose husband even attacks Trump and stumps for Joe Biden!) have attacked our event as too controversial, taking objection to a stand against masks and the name of our event. We disagree. “We can’t breathe” has been used as a rallying cry against masks for weeks because it is the exact phrase that crosses people’s minds when wearing a mask. However, this hate and “friendly fire” has only helped to whip up progressive groups that have attacked our event and even started a half-hearted “counter-protest” where they plan to gather nearby. Hopefully these anti-Trump Republicans who have been stirring up this division stay consistent and don’t run and hide as fringe progressives continue to escalate counter-protesters at what was meant to be a peaceful event.

CORRECTED TIME: 12:30. MT, I will be appearing on #MalkinLive with host Michelle Malkin as I speak about Sunday’s #WeCantBreathe protest in Albuquerque and the backlash the event has faced. You will be able to watch live on Youtube or watch afterward.

We Can’t Breathe-3

One thought on “Guest Appearance on #MalkinLive and Update on Maskless “We Can’t Breathe” Protest

  1. Thanks Rebekah !!! Great interview with Michelle yesterday! Thanks for speaking for so many of us here in Silver City !!


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