BLM Agitators in Silver City + Stick Together and Support Steven Baca

As always, we urge readers to donate to Steven Baca’s legal defense fund. He may be free, but he still has been charged by the Albuquerque DA’s office and needs support that will help him be freed as he rightly should be.

The last several weeks we’ve meant to put together a video of Black Lives Matter agitators threatening Silver City residents, but it has taken awhile to get the time to share more and put thoughts together. Yesterday, I was jolted back to reality by so-called conservatives in my community who decided to advocate for those who supported, even organized, the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) protest. Because of this I took some extra time to review and finish this video so it can be viewed by New Mexicans and national blog readers. The video needs to be seen and the up-close perspective of the nastiness that the organized, Democrat-linked BLM movement is.

“Why do you hate me?” The BLM agitator asked. We didn’t know why he thought we hated him, but we didn’t. We were concerned about protecting private property. We also were confused why he called us racist, while we were just as diverse a group as his group. While he called us racist, I looked at my mom (Native), my friend Rachel (Hispanic), and my friend Mary (with Hispanic grandchildren). Seemed pretty twisted to me…and sad to see such divineness…

In this video I explain what’s going on when a BLM crowd of sixty or more people walked over a block to confront a small group of about 25 Silver City residents gathered around a LEO blue line flag and Trump flag on private property. What was the purpose of the BLM crowd? To order us to kneel to them and tell us we’re racist. The head agitator missed the irony and didn’t seem to notice that the group on the LEO flag side of the street were just as racially diverse as the so-called BLM supporters and protesters threatening us.

Videos such as this bring perspective to the Albuquerque protest where Steven Baca was forced to shoot in self-defense (you can watch our compilation of those videos here). But beyond that we’ve been hearing comments about what happened preceding the shooting. What caused Steven Baca to push women? We dug through some videos and discovered a powerful one that shows Steven Baca was actually defending a woman who had been pushed and beaten down by protesters. You can see Steven shove his way through the crowd, then push protesters out of the way as he tried to help a woman in a camo jacket who had been pushed to the ground and might be at risk of being trampled.

What the progressives who hate Steven don’t seem to understand or wish to admit is that when you’re in a crowd at a protest pushing, shoving and such occur. I recall attending a rally with Bill Clinton a decade ago and shoving, pushing and working my way to the front to get a better view. This is what happens in crowded atmospheres. If you don’t want to get jostled, don’t go there. On the other hand, people shouldn’t be trampled either, which appears to be a risk in the video below.

This video, again, shows that Steven Baca acted appropriately at the protest and in the best way he could for the situation at hand. Watch the video below to see what we mean!

Donate to support justice and stand with Steven Baca here. He needs our support in fighting injustice. Click HERE.

One thought on “BLM Agitators in Silver City + Stick Together and Support Steven Baca

  1. BLM is not an advocacy group, BLM is a domestic terrorist group. No one should kneel to them, BLM should be arrested. They travel from town to town terrorizing citizens and are funded and directed by Democrat party elite like George Soros and Barack Obama.

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