Independence Day Cancelled? That’s Gov Grisham’s Goal


in·de·pen·dence | \ ˌin-də-ˈpen-dən(t)s \
1: the quality or state of being independent


in·de·pen·dent | \ ˌin-də-ˈpen-dənt \
1: not dependent: such as

a(1): not subject to control by others : SELF-GOVERNING

 — Merriam-Webster Dictionary

BEEEEEEPP: I looked up and asked, “What was that?” My mom was busy helping a customer and quickly exited out of the message her phone. She continued what she was doing, and I returned to training videos on my laptop, but a minute later a notice popped up that one of my siblings had shared something on Facebook– Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham had sent out another “emergency” or amber alert, ordering New Mexicans to stay home over the Independence Day weekend. Seriously? Aren’t these emergency alerts are to be used for amber alert emergencies, such as kidnapped children or lost grandparents? Apparently, today they’re more likely to mean our Governor had another tantrum!

Cancelling Freedom?

Governor Grisham issued orders this week that essentially cancelled many parades that were going to occur on Independence Day. Her move should make it clear to New Mexicans that she doesn’t care as much about safety as she does control. Is it really that difficult to keep a distance at a parade, of rules are set up? No. But if you’re a power-hungry Governor, you use the excuse of “health” as a power trip. Disgusting, really.

So parades throughout the state have been cancelled. Sorry guys. No freedom for you. No Independence Day for you. She’s also implying businesses will be fined if they don’t enforce a mask policy. True? We’re not sure. It looks kind of sketchy, though.

In Silver City, NM the Town Manager and Mayor even closed city parks. Rumor has it this occurred because the Republican Party (or affiliates thereof) had planned a picnic for families (with social distancing), and local officials didn’t have the guts to say “no” to California hippy busy-bodies and “Karens” who objected to the picnic. On their website, the city said it was specifically meant to keep citizens away from parks [for Independence Day], because the park will reopen after the weekend. You can read it here.

Tantrums abound!

This past week, Governor Grisham also decided to increase restrictions again, claiming she is seeking to “protect” us. She scolded New Mexicans for increasing COVID testing numbers, without explaining that testing has increased and thus our positive tests are bound to be higher. In a tweet, she threatened to keep schools from reopening this fall if we’re not good children. Her scolding comments imply she thinks of us as young children, not adults capable of thinking and acting on our own, using our free will to make decisions that will shape our future.

Tattletale, YES! Objective thinking, NO!

KRQE’s Kim Valles happily went along with the Governor’s effort to keep outsiders from coming into the state and quarantining them when she posted a picture of Texas license plates in Elephant Butte, claiming the state isn’t enforcing its 14-day quarantine rule for those coming in from out of state. Does Valles realize some rural New Mexicans in other parts of the state travel back and forth daily? What about DMV closures? My sister-in-law has been driving out of state plates and can’t even change documents to her legal name yet.

For my part, I got to hear the complaints of co-workers who have breathing or health problems and preexisting conditions this week. A couple of my co-workers who haven’t been wearing masks due to their health were given the choice to wear one or be fired this week. It breaks my heart to see a single mom with breathing issues telling me she decided to wear a mask because, “I can either wear a mask, or my son and I will be homeless.” Of course she makes little and is on Medicaid, so the entire process of getting in to see a doctor, plus and a note would be daunting. I guess if Grisham’s goal is to break people’s spirit and beat them into submission, she is having success?

And it goes on.

The ball is in your park, New Mexico. At what point will you stand up and push back and stop following ridiculous “rules,” New Mexico?

2 thoughts on “Independence Day Cancelled? That’s Gov Grisham’s Goal

  1. Thanks Rebekah ! I hope if there IS a parade in Silver today, it goes well !!!


  2. I want to get more involved and organized. Can we talk please? You have my email I believe.

    Also, I’m not preaching or anything, but please consider MINDS.COM, GAB, Bitchute, Brand new tube as vehicles for your message because the one’s you have listed are all one’s that I, as a conservative, don’t use. When they banned Stefan Molyneux from youtube last week I also deleted all 5 of my 20 or so year old google accounts and my amazon accounts. I know that there are some nasty people on those sites, but they are free to speak.

    Grisham is following AOC’s plan, keep us shut down to hurt Trump’s economy.

    We recently had an attack on “INDIA PALACE” down town Santa Fe, where they spray painted nasty things and “TRUMP 2020” on the wall as a false flag. Not proven to be false YET, but we all know. The cops supposedly said that they are investigating and have found some evidence to show that it was the same people as the one’s that attacked the Obelisk down town.


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