URGENT! Support Free Speech and Self-Defense: #StandWithStevenBaca!

URGENT: It could be your help that makes the difference. Please donate TODAY and share this story to #StandWithStevenBaca! He’s going to have tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and needs your help!

Last week I blogged briefly about the mob who attacked Steven Baca at the Juan de Oñate statue in Old Town Albuquerque. Steven shot at a protester, clearly in self defense, after having a skateboard and knife weaponized as a mob shouted to, “kill him.” After reviewing multiple videos, there’s no doubt in my mind Baca would have been dead if he hadn’t fired his gun in self-defense. You can watch a powerful video compilation here:

One notable advocate for Steven has been Michelle Malkin, who has stepped up creating a Fundly account to support Baca with his legal expenses and defense. Malkin describes the incident in the fundraiser briefly:

“On June 15th, Steven Ray Baca, an Albuquerque native, exercised his First Amendment Right to attend a protest in a community park. It was during this protest that multiple assailants chased him down and attacked him as they beat him to the ground with a skate board and a knife, while shouting “he’s a cop”, “ get his license plate”, “we are going to f****ing kill you”.  It was at this time, as Steven was walking away and in fear for his life, that he had no other choice but to exercise his Second Amendment Right and defend himself using a firearm.

Interviews with Steven’s attorneys and even Steven himself, shed more light into his situation. You can see updates from Malkin here.

With our freedom under attack more and more every day, it is time to ACT and make a difference. Pitch in to support Steven Baca’s legal defense >>>HERE<<<. He needs a lot of support during this time and even just $10, $20 or $50 can help keep him from being unjustly prosecuted by progressive social warriors who wish to destroy our culture and erase our history.

At times like this it is important to have the backs of our allies such as Steven who are treated unjustly. Use the hashtag #StandWithStevenBaca and please donate and SHARE, SHARE SHARE!!! 

One thought on “URGENT! Support Free Speech and Self-Defense: #StandWithStevenBaca!

  1. Hey Wo.an@

    I would like to send this out to my Engage31 contacts. About 200 emails.

    Are you cool with me doing that to help get the word out?

    All the Best Jalene


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