NM COVID Update: Gov’s #LetThemWearJewelry Edition + Most Restaurants Stay Closed

While Governor Grisham has been fining and threatening business owners who have reopened against her orders that have deemed them “non-essential,” her iron fist rule hasn’t been implemented in her own habits. Commenters on her Facebook page during her press conferences have already asked why her hair and nails appear to be well-kept, when hair and nail salons have been closed for months. She also hasn’t led by example and sacrificed during these times by cutting out the “non-essential” shopping that has been closed for months.

According to KRQE’s report yesterday, Governor Grisham appears to have broken her own rule when she had an individual that was either connected to her campaign or a personal friend pick up jewelry that was sold to and set aside for her during the “non-essential” business lockdown in effect since March. When asked about the incident, those speaking for her made light of it. It’s as if she’s throwing a flippant hand at the New Mexican peasants shouting, “Let them buy jewelry,” just as the French Aristocrat Marie Antoinette did in 18th century France.

Why should Governor Lujan Grisham care about the poor business owners who are losing everything because they’re deemed “non-essential?” She can call her friend and buy jewelry anytime. #LetThemBuyJewelry

According to the expose by KRQE, it appears that Grisham has cared far less about setting a shining example to her constituents than getting her personal errands run or her lifestyle the same as pre-COVID-19. Instead she has put her personal comfort and goals first. While thousands of New Mexicans are losing everything, she’s living an almost normal life.

With this perspective, it is understandable that some businesses have decided reopening poses less of a risk to their livelihood than going bankrupt and folding. Many businesses have held their breath and prayed that reopening will occur sooner than later. But it hasn’t happened and it probably won’t happen for weeks. Yesterday, the Governor signaled that all restaurants will not be allowed to open up soon by declaring that restaurants with outdoor patios can reopen, but not those with bars, etc. This is a blow to many diners in small towns and restaurants with bars. Will Grisham continue to dangle a carrot in front of business owners as weeks tick by and owners lose more and more? We’ve got to admit, it is difficult to follow the Governor’s orders completely. And while Lujan Grisham has had an iron hand toward New Mexicans, she hasn’t been able to even follow all of her her own rules completely.

Where is the outrage? Join the conversation on Facebook at Reopen New Mexico and use the hashtag #LetThemBuyJewelry on Facebook and Twitter.

One thought on “NM COVID Update: Gov’s #LetThemWearJewelry Edition + Most Restaurants Stay Closed

  1. You need to at least try opening up more businesses. How do you know what will happen if you don’t try. Peoples lively hoods are at stake. Your Governor is supposed to represent what the people want not suppress your wishes.


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