NM Governor Wants Restaurants to Keep Lists of Customers, Tells Churches “NO Singing”

Is Governor Grisham dangling a carrot again? Or is she serious about reopening?

SANTA FE: Wednesday, in a press conference livestreamed, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that restaurants could reopen as soon as soon as June 1 for dine-in service. However, many restaurants had been led to believe reopen date would be May 15, weeks ago. Interestingly, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham appears to have backed down—again—after a few New Mexico restaurants make news and reopen, ignoring Governor’s closure of restaurants. Many businesses across New Mexico have been hit hard by Governor Grisham’s lockdown and will not ever reopen. In my hometown, there are businesses that will never reopen again due to the COVID-19 lockdown impact that will leave small, rural communities devastated for a long time.

I’ve seen this in my own community with the reopening of Jalisco’s Café, a small family-run restaurant that has been in the Silver City community for decades. In a Facebook message last weekend, Jalisco’s Café announced they would be opening, ignoring the Governor’s order restricting restaurants, while focusing on practicing social distancing measures. Yesterday, I was quoted in my local paper, The Daily Press, after showing support for this local newspaper. The article may be read here and here.

Meanwhile, Governor Lujan Grisham has kept postponing reopening dates and released restrictions and requirements with Orwellian requirements. This past week we commented on how the governor’s office backed down on a requirement that churches could only assemble using 25% of their capacity. However, it was later brought to light that Grisham banned singing and chanting in churches. This stipulation is interpreted by many pastors as a smack at the 1st Amendment, since it allows the Government to control the kind of worship churches can have in their assembly. Citizens have also spoken up about the age-old tradition of singing in worship that predates Christianity to its roots in Judaism.

Per her final order released Friday, Governor Grisham also tells dine-in restaurant owners they should keep logs of customers with details that include name, address and email address. In theory, this information is supposed to be on hand for inspection for four weeks so that the Government can track ill individuals who have contracted COVID-19 and track where all these individuals have been and who they have been in contact with. Sadly, this civil liberty over-reach has been ignored by normally vocal organizations like the ACLU.

Will Governor Lujan Grisham loosen up a hold on New Mexicans soon? Or will she continue to keep a tight grip on citizens and force draconian measures that have Constitutionalists and freedom-loving citizens concerned? Hopefully we get answers sooner than later. When is enough, enough? It is time to reopen New Mexico, or at least rural New Mexico where COVID-19 has little chance of spread.

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