Glass House: Blogger John Block Exposed as…Employed by Senate candidate Elisa Martinez?

We predicted today’s fake Republican blogosphere attack yesterday: With poll numbers looking good for Mark Ronchetti, who has a 34 point lead in the Senate primary, the other Republican candidates are feeling the heat and are becoming desperate.

John Block has been doing it for months– attacking U.S. Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti mercilessly with many false accusations. In at least one case, Block has teamed up with former Anon-aligned and anti-law enforcement bloggers Dinah Vargas and Stella Padilla who were part of a vocal group who opposed Trump’s 2016 rally that was followed by rioting. In January Block used used a video created by Vargas and Padilla to attack Ronchetti. What we keep wondering is– why does Block care about this race so much when he is in Washington D.C. where he supposedly works?

We believe this may be because Block is still on the New Mexico Alliance for Life payroll. As recent as February, we’ve documented that he has been working for the organization, another U.S. Senate candidate Elisa Martinez is the executive director for. Does that explain some things? Is John Block paid to blog on behalf of Senate candidate Elisa Martinez?


Note: Unlike John Block and his multiple blogs, we’re disclosing our campaign connections. This website’s editor Rebekah Stevens has also worked for Elisa Martinez’ organization on a sporadic contract basis from 2015 to spring of 2019. Rebekah has also volunteered for senate candidate Mark Ronchetti, knows Gavin Clarkson and in years past volunteered and worked for campaign staff of former Senate candidates Louie Sanchez and Mick Rich.

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