Former Spox for Gov. Grisham Claims “Sexual and Physical” Abuse from Gov.

ALBUQUERQUE: Early Christmas morning, former spokesperson for Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign, James Hallinan, sent a tweet that probably has most of the elites in the Democrat Party of New Mexico freaking out. Hallinan, a long-time campaign and government staffer for New Mexico Democrats ais claiming he’s been a victim of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Hallinan sent a tweet alleging Governor Grisham abused him (see below), alleging he will talk with the press when he gets back into the country. Our sources confirmed Hallinan was sighted at the Sunport International Airport and that he was heading out of town.

Throughout the day, Hallinan published other tweets about the alleged abuse. In one he complained that a troll was shaming a victim in criticizing him and said that he is calling out the Democrat Party of New Mexico and national Democrats for their attacks on the Albuquerque Journal. In another tweet he complained about Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s fundraising email after he came forward about her, “sexual assault of me.” The staffer is clearly extremely upset and has been tagging media in tweets throughout the day.

Interestingly, while Hallinan is fed up with Governor Lujan Grisham and Democrat party leaders, he’s still supportive of many Democrats, indicating there could be some kind of divide in the progressive wing of the New Mexico Democratic party. Just a month ago, when questioned about his criticism of Albuquerque’s crime in a manner that showed frustration with Mayor Keller, Hallinan was quick to declare he still supports Congresswoman Deb Haaland.

Hallinan’s background, in addition to working on the campaign of Michelle Lujan Grisham, includes political campaigns dating back to 2005 when he handled Sports Communication & Marketing for the Governor Bill Richardson administration and served as Deputy Communications Director for Albuquerque’s Mayor Marty Chavez.

What Happens Next?

Some of our readers have commented wishing Hallinan safety after coming out with such a strong accusation against Governor Lujan Grisham. Other Twitter users, this one an anonymous gossip account that seems to be run by Democrats, questioned whether rumors that have circulated in the past were are connected Hallinan’s revelation.

We will be keeping readers up to date on this story, moving forward. Did Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham really “sexually and physically” abuse one of her former campaign spokesperson? And is the Democratic Party of New Mexico facing a split? Stay tuned…

One thought on “Former Spox for Gov. Grisham Claims “Sexual and Physical” Abuse from Gov.

  1. The Governor has made ignorant decisions that have no basis in science and the truth. We need to get her out of office.


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