CALL TO ACTION: Help Stop Governor Manic Lujan Grisham

NM Citizens File Lawsuit Challenging Governor Manic Lujan Grisham’s Laws

We need your help stopping Manic Lujan Grisham and spreading the word! During the 2019 legislative session, Governor Manic [Michelle] Lujan Grisham pushed through a number of horrific bills from a red flag anti-gun law to a bill stripping counties of their ability to pass ordinances because progressive Democrats hated a right-to-work bill passed in counties across the state. These, and other, bills were passed by both houses of the legislature, then signed by Governor Manic Lujan Grisham.

Concerned citizens from across the state gathered thousands of signatures to oppose these bills, but, sadly Secretary of State Maggie To Lose (Toulouse) Oliver has refused to authorize the circulation of petitions aimed at repealing these laws and bringing them to a vote of the people. This would give citizens a chance and an opportunity to oppose the direct actions passed by the legislature, often against the wishes of New Mexico citizens and voters.

Now an organization comprised of concerned citizens from across the nation, NM Patriots Advocacy Coalition Foundation NMPAC, has filed a lawsuit to challenge Maggie To Lose’s decision and plan to take the fight for New Mexico’s freedom to the courts. Bills they’re fighting through this lawsuit include:

  • Raising the minimum wage, which will ensure fewer jobs and harm small businesses. The minimum wage will rise to $9/hr in January. That’s a $1.50 increase from the current statewide minimum wage (a big increase for small mom and pop businesses).
  • Background checks law on transferring private ownership of guns. Manic Grisham will claim it’s harmless, but these bills often impact transfer of guns including using them on the range or hunting.
  • Overturning the New Mexico Electoral College vote, giving our votes to the national popular vote winner, taking away New Mexico’s say in who becomes president. You think we don’t get much of a say now? Just wait until we’re not only a late-primary state, but our electoral college delegates don’t matter in the general election!
  • The #redflag law based on Senate Bill 328, violating the rights of individuals to have a firearm without due process or a conviction. Oh, you were in a domestic dispute with your spouse? You may get your guns taken away, not to mention the implications it will likely have for New Mexico veterans.



Checks/Money Order mailed to:

Blair Dunn

400 Gold Ave SW Suite 1000

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Please share this blogpost on Facebook, Twitter and via email and help spread the word, even if you can’t donate much. Every share helps us get the word out about how these bad laws will impact New Mexicans and our freedoms and liberties.


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