Videos: Illegal Immigrants Dropped at Small-Town Bus Station

DEMING, NEW MEXICO: Last Friday my friend Mary and I drove down to small town of Deming as we continue our research into illegal immigrants who are crossing the southern U.S. border. Deming is a small town along the border with a population of about 14,000. Mary and I drove around town and talked with local residents about where we might find an illegal immigrant camp and visited the Southwest New Mexico Fairgrounds where they are kept as a Sheriff’s Department van and school bus were loaded with people. We were curious where the van and bus were going so we followed it to a local gas station.










At the bus station many adult-looking individuals carried manila envelopes which appeared to hold numerous pieces of paper.





Many of the individuals went inside to buy tickets while others waited outside for a bus to arrive at the bus stop.





Mary and I approached one of the individuals, an auburn-haired freckly young man who probably wasn’t over 21 and asked him where he was heading. He was carrying a cell phone.

Eventually after we asked about Colorado and Texas, one member of the group said “Tennessee.”

I took a video of the second-half of our discussion here:





Meanwhile the Luna Sheriff Department-marked vehicle and yellow mini-school bus left. We returned about an hour after taking the previous videos and the illegal immigrants were still standing where they had been dropped at the gas station (that video is posted on Twitter here).

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