Visit to Deming Illegal Immigrant Camps Show State, Medical Services Provided

How bad is it at the border? Friday I drove down to Deming with a friend to see firsthand. It took us a while to find the old WWII-era airport hanger where services are provided to illegal immigrants and where ambulances wait on standby to drive individuals who have entered the U.S. illegally to hospitals or other healthcare facilities.

The areas we drove by showed compound-like areas where the illegal immigrants may be driven by van from one destination to another and the facilities are gated.

How often are these kinds of efforts made to provide immediate health support to our veterans, or even inner-city homeless? Veterans may wait in line days or weeks for surgeries at VA hospitals.

what is a workforce solution bus doing at an illegal immigrant transfer camp?

We visited with an ICE agent and discussed our concerns about medical care and diseases, similar to reports from the El Paso Times this past winter. The thinly-stretched CBP are not trained or prepared to handle the illnesses of the illegal immigrants, and while they’re, obviously, transported to Deming healthcare providers, there are also individuals (likely from the Lordsburg Antelope Wells crossing), that have even been taken to my community hospital in Silver City.

Concerned local citizens told us about the number of individuals coming across who are from Africa, China and eastern countries. Any suggestion that individuals crossing the border are only central American is wrong. Local citizens also told us that the CBP will drop the illegal immigrants at bus stops in town. If there’s not enough room on the bus, the illegal immigrants are left and roam around town. Some of these people don’t speak English or Spanish so those trying to communicate with them face language boundaries.

When will Democrat leaders admit there is a crisis? When will they take steps to protect us? I hope to visit the illegal immigrant border camps again soon and should have another update later this week.







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