UPDATE: KOB’s Bad “Reason” for Deleting Abortion Tourism Story

Last week KOB4 deleted a story about Albuquerque a woman who traveled from Canada for an abortion in Albuquerque. After the story went viral and pro-life New Mexicans responded in the comments with shock and disgust at the abortion tourism, KOB4 removed the story.

The woman having the abortion told KOB, “I think it’s better to abort than have a kid go through life when they’re not wanted, or can’t be fully supported, or whatever reason.”

As to KOB, maybe the story was removed because of the backlash and calls from Planned Parenthood or Albuquerque’s late-term abortion center, Southwestern Women’s Options? KOB reporter Ryan Laughlin gave the TV station’s response below:

Now we’re not criticizing the reporter, who as far as we know he is sincere and didn’t seem happy his story was removed, but we are critical of the media outlet that deleted the story when it wasn’t necessary at all. We googled “KOB corrected story” and came up with a number of hits, some of which had disclaimers like this, “A corrected version of the story is below:” But KOB didn’t want to simply use information available online and correct their story. Instead they chose to completely delete it.

The reason KOB gave for deleting the story was not only unjournalistic, it doesn’t match the facts. According to the National Abortion Federation, a group that connects abortion advocates, abortion is legal at all stages in Canada, even though late-term abortions may be harder to get and may mean traveling to a more urban area where doctors perform them. For example, data shows that Prince Edward Island doesn’t perform abortions, not because it is illegal, but because of the care priorities in small communities.

NPR offered a lot of data on abortion in the U.S. showing that as few as 14% of OB/GYNs will perform abortion, which isn’t that shocking considering many doctors take their Hippocratic Oath seriously and entered the medical field to benefit humanity, not end human life. It doesn’t take the same skill to inject shot causing a heart attack and demise for a viable infant.

All this information could have easily been found by KOB if they had truly wanted to correct their story and act professionally. Unfortunately, the excuse given for deleting last week’s abortion tourism story appears to be simply an excuse for caving to the abortion agenda and deleting a story that painted the abortion industry in Albuquerque for what it is– a cruel money-making tool.





































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