KOB Deletes Viral Story About ABQ’s International Late Term Abortion Tourism

The media scrubbed it!

A story by Albuquerque’s local TV station KOB posted Thursday on International Abortion Tourism went viral across New Mexico, and may have gone even farther, but KOB editors removed the story (we captured it here!) after comments became heated and readers objected to the horrifying late-term abortion. The Canadian woman in KOB’s story claims she traveled to Albuquerque for a late-term abortion after she contacted 60 abortion centers in Canada that would not perform late-term abortions.

We can’t help wondering who made the call and put pressure on KOB editors to remove the story? A pro-abortion KOB editor? Planned Parenthood? Or Southwestern Women’s Options and Curtis Boyd’s staff?!

The KOB story tried to paint the “plight” of the woman having a late term abortion and the opportunities New Mexico offered for her, but readers saw the story as a woman who ended the life of her child because he was an inconvenience and stood in the way of her lifestyle. The woman having the abortion stated:

“I think it’s better to abort than have a kid go through life when they’re not wanted, or can’t be fully supported, or whatever reason.”

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, also told KOB, “I straight up told everybody that the reason I didn’t want to keep this baby is because I was not living how a pregnant person should live,” she said. “Drinking, not eating the best, all that kind of stuff.”

How is it more humane to have a late-term abortion where the baby is given a shot to induce a heart attack which will take 24 hours to cause his or her demise, a procedure too humane to be done on dogs, cats and cattle? At 24-weeks a baby can feel the excruciating pain of a late-term abortion, and it isn’t safe for the mother, either.

Additionally, how many families in Canada, or the U.S., or would love to adopt a baby?

But this week, instead of trying to be balanced and leaving the story up, KOB did damage control and caved to radical late-term abortion industry. Sadly, KOB is right– Albuquerque is a late term abortion magnet. New Mexico Right to Life Director Ethel Maharg explained, “We’re known as the late-term abortion capital of the world.” Albuquerque is the late-term abortion destination for the U.S., and apparently internationally as well.

3 thoughts on “KOB Deletes Viral Story About ABQ’s International Late Term Abortion Tourism

  1. There is no such as a journalist anymore. They are just leftist puppets. It is so sad that there is no one with any integrity, honesty, or honor at KOB. NM is a disgrace. The blood of all these aborted babies is on the hands of all of those who support it. From MLG down.


  2. “ inhumane to do on dogs, cats cattle…”. How much easier and cheaper and better for your health to change your lifestyle at least for 9 months, then either abrace the new lifestyle or put the baby up for adoption. How selfish can you really, and I assume hate yourself so much you want to continue the self abuse.


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