TODAY: Oppose HB 90 Set to be Heard in the House

HB 90 the “End of Life Options Act” aka assisted suicide, is scheduled for the New Mexico House calendar and could be heard today. In addition to just being bad policy for those who value life, according to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, there are very many concerns on how assisted suicide can be “prescribed.”

“The bill allows assisted suicide for psychiatric conditions, to be done to someone with an undefined “terminal prognosis,” to be done by nurses and physician assistants,” writes Alex Schadenberg, executive director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, “and it even allows it to be approved via telemedicine.” (read more here)
Last year the New Mexico Senate defeated a similar bill by just two votes. Can we do it again? Often it depends on activists like you and me to make the difference.

Please contact these legislators and demand they vote to protect life from birth to natural death.

Harry Garcia (505) 986-4233

Joseph Sanchez (505) 986-4226

Patricio Ruiloba (505) 986-4327

Jim Trujillo (505) 986-4420

Patricia Lundstrom (505) 986-4316

Javier Martínez (505) 986-4236

Candie Sweetser (505) 986-4255

Wonda Johnson (505) 986-4433

Joy Garratt (505) 986-4249

Raymundo Lara (505) 986-4254

Anthony Allison (505) 986-4464

Please make the calls and remind these legislators that they have a significant number of Catholic constituents who value life.


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