This Ain’t Grandma’s New Mexico Democratic Party!

Today’s Democrat Party isn’t what it was 60 years ago, 30 years ago, or even 6 years ago. Today’s Democratic Party has not only shifted far-left, it has left many voters behind stumbling in its dust and wondering where to go.

In a video released a month ago conservative Democrat voters voice their frustration with the current progressive takeover of the Democratic Party. This video offers some hope, but still leads me to wonder, “Where are the conservative organizations or Republicans to reach out to these people and send them in the right direction?”

Watch the video here:

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I saw the efforts of the progressives in my own county in 2016 when I worked in the media and wrote a story for the Sun-News about progressives seeking county commission seats in rural Grant County. What I didn’t write about in my article, was that the progressives declared that they aimed to change the culture of my home town to resemble California and raise the minimum wage to $15/hr (ironically, I’ve worked for a progressive employer and they’re quick to proclaim they can’t afford to pay much more than minimum wage!). What shocked traditional Democrats was that each of these three progressive candidates won their Democrat primaries by landslides. After the primary, these progressive candidates continued to run as a team, while becoming less vocal about their progressive positions in public, yet their ties to progressive organizations and out-of-state interests continued.

Fool Me Twice

Eventually, most of the traditional Democrats who were beat in their primaries by the progressives and Republicans united behind the three Republicans running for county commissioner. Sadly, winnable commission seats were lost due to poor campaign strategies on the part of some Republican candidates, but progressive efforts to take over the Grant County commission didn’t end there. The good news is that in 2018 when progressives returned to run in Democratic primaries for two open county commission seats in Grant County, but they were trounced in an effort organized by local traditional Democrats who were better prepared the second time around.

A Lot of Change

Ironically nearly seven years ago, working on a campaign in a paid capacity for the first time, my candidate said something shocking, calling his campaign opponent a “Socialist.” This was supposedly a radical statement in 2012. Flash forward to 2016, many Democrats today proudly embrace the banner of Socialism and declare they’re proud of the similarities between socialism and the modern “progressive” movement.

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