BOOM: Soros Dark Money Wants to Buy Your Vote

Soros has spent thousands of dollars personally influencing elections in New Mexico, while organizations and PACs aligned with him pour in even more dark money. In previous elections New Mexico progressives have been part of his national efforts– he’s picked Secretaries of State (including Maggie T. Oliver) and more recently he has turned to placing his picks in District Attorney offices across the country, from Albuquerque to Philadelphia (I worked in San Antonio this past winter and watched as Soros bought the Democrat nominee for D.A., pouring hundreds of thousands into the race). The infamous multi-billionaire makes it no secret that he intends to change the country’s political landscape.

The Soros Buy-Out

Democrat governor candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham and Secretary of State candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver have already sold out New Mexicans to internationally-known billionaire George Soros who backs a network of progressive officials bent on changing destroying cultures.

George Soros

George Soros 1

Soros’ comprehensive network stretches from government positions he’s influenced, to quasi media groups and purveyors of fake news like Media Matters and ProPublica. As a matter of fact, a number of New Mexico fake media groups like the New Mexico Political Report and NM in Depth, are modeled after these Soros fake news groups.

Once they’re in positions, who will Soros-bought elected officials be beholden to? Will they be dedicated to the needs of New Mexicans, or to out-of-state money (like we wrote about in the past) and Soros, the corporate donors who helped elect them and aligned dark money in their support?

So far, Maggie T. Oliver hasn’t disappointed Soros. She continues to be a figurehead for the “progressive” cause, as she continues to use what should be a non-partisan cause, to support policies from pro-abortion advocacy to straight party voting.

Speaking of pro-abortion advocacy, in addition to support from Soros, Maggie and Michelle have been supported by radical pro-abortion groups Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood’s political arm– two more mammoth operations that often operate on the sketchy side of campaign finance laws.

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Note: This story was originally written in March 2018.

One thought on “BOOM: Soros Dark Money Wants to Buy Your Vote

  1. I’m listening to his lectures, and am preparing to read his books. The ideas he espouses are not presented, at least in his stammering words, as evil or totalitarian. However, he is very sure of how he thinks the world should be ruled and overall gives off the White fluffy cat petting James Bond villain vibe quite heavily.


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