Out-of-State Donations Back Progressives and Steal Our Elections

In 2016 a mysterious organizations bombarded voters across New Mexico with radio ads and PAC mailers, attacking anyone who stood in their way, including moderate Democrats. Here is the question New Mexicans must ask: Who is doing this?!

In 2016 candidates up and down the ballot were attacked by out-of-state funded PACs with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Radical progressives Michelle Lujan Grisham, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, and state Representatives Joanne Ferrary, Liz Thomson, Nathan Small and Candie Sweetser will again seek to secure their seats, benefitting from a complex shell game of money, most New Mexican candidates can’t compete with.

These actions are the work of groups which try to appear to be local “grassroots” oriented, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“Patriot Majority New Mexico,” Location: Washington D.C.

Where does the money for out-of-state messages come from? A number of places including the progressive “Patriot Majority New Mexico,” a PAC bringing Washington D.C. money into New Mexico to influence our elections as if they were for sale.

Patriot Majority PAC

One huge check from a Washington D.C. union for $400,000 to Patriot Majority New Mexico played a huge part in influencing our elections:

Patriot Majority - Unions

Patriot Majority even hired West Virginia resident and former Bill Richardson staffer David Contarino, to do “research” for them. Contarino was so corrupt he was credited with costing Richardson an Obama cabinet appointment.

Big Money, Complex Shell Game

Sadly for New Mexicans, it’s hard to fight outside messages when many candidates just don’t have the money to combat a $400,000 out-of-state check.

Maybe “Patriot Majority New Mexico” should rename themselves “Washington D.C. Progressive Majority!?”

Who are the elected officials supported by Patriot Majority beholden to? Will they be dedicated to the needs of New Mexicans, or to their out-of-state progressive donors running fake “grassroots” movements to change the culture of New Mexico? Voting records of Patriot Majority-backed candidates show these new officials aren’t representing the views of average New Mexicans when they get to Santa Fe.

5 thoughts on “Out-of-State Donations Back Progressives and Steal Our Elections

  1. Good research and info. Thanks. If you have time, take a look at VoteVet—great sounding PAC name—a very Progressive organization, again funded mostly by other PACs. A new version of money laundering?

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