New Low: Davis’ Ad Shocks Viewers with Profanity

It’s really troubling that Democratic Albuquerque congressional candidate Pat Davis (CD-1) has decided to run a TV ad that contains the F-bomb. Though partially bleeped out, it is still extremely offensive and should demonstrate clearly to voters exactly why Albuquerque area residents can’t afford to elect Pat Davis. He should be ashamed of himself.

As someone who has worked with kids in youth programs for half dozen years, led elementary school after school programs and worked with young children in early childhood education, I think it’s terrible that an elected official would be so brazen to run an ad tossing around the F-bomb on a channel kids could easily be watching. I thought adults were supposed to be a good example to kids? And especially so elected officials?

I expect our elected officials to be better than this, however this just the latest example of how out of touch Pat Davis is with New Mexicans, our values and that he’s just a self-serving progressive.

He’s already mocked our military, pretending to be an officer and stalked women, so what can we expect next?

Message Davis on Facebook and tell him you’re OUTRAGED (also give his page a “1 star rating”) and DONATE to Janice Arnold-Jones, Republican nominee for the congressional district 1.

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