More FAILS: McCamley Failed to Report Income from Consulting

Las Cruces: The last couple weeks state auditor candidate Bill McCamley has been embroiled in an embarrassing scandal regarding his recent campaign finance reports and financial disclosures.

After we reported the story on Twitter, the New Mexico Political Journal went into greater detail in a series of articles, and the stories about McCamley’s ethical failures grew wings from there. It was uncovered that McCamley actually rents out his house while staying in a portion of his home (an apartment) and fails to report the income derived from the rental property, actually lying to taxpayers and his constituents in the process.


In addition to reporting that he has zero income, McCamley gave his own campaign two loans equaling $45,000.

Additionally, McCamley donated $250 to congressional candidate Xochitl Torres Small this January, claiming he was a “self employed consultant.”

Why aren’t you reporting the income that allows you to give $250 donations, Bill McCamley?

McCamley Donation


3 thoughts on “More FAILS: McCamley Failed to Report Income from Consulting

  1. Amazing. How can we trust somebody who cannot even comply with SOS basic requirements? If you cannot account for your own actions, how can McCamley be trusted to be an impartial auditor? He would be selective and negligent to his own wimps. We need integrity from state officials.

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  2. The unconscionable part of this situation is that NM Representative Bill McCamley is running for the office of NM State Auditor! His actions, or lack thereof, reflect on his creditably to perform the job! That should be everyone’s major concern…

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