BREAKING: Anti-Gun Hogg Welcomed at NMSU, Hogg “Triggered” by Mascot

LAS CRUCES: Stoneman Douglas high school student David Hogg who has become the face of the anti-gun movement, and hasn’t hesitated to take on media personality Laura Ingram, has been offered a full-ride scholarship to New Mexico State University with, reports TMZ. Did Dean of the Honors College at NMSU Dr. Miriam S. Chaiken know what she was talking about when she welcomed Hogg into New Mexico’s second-largest university?

You can watch Hogg’s long, profane rant below (warning: NSFW):

Hogg’s opinions are potent and his rants tend to be pretty vile. In the above interview the high school student declared, “Our parents don’t know how to use a f***ing democracy, so we have to.”

We’re left to wonder what will happen when the Hogg kid arrives at NMSU with his Uhaul trailer and 2017 Subaru. Will he be happy when confronted by the monstrosity of a mascot that NMSU rallies behind– Aggie– who carries a pair of pistols, and sixty years ago went by the name Pistol Pete? We’re guessing he will be triggered, throw a giant-sized tantrum. By that time he will be called onto the Rachel Maddow show where he will demand in a profanity-laced rant that NMSU remove its mascot!!

What will NMSU do with a de-gunned and gutted mascot? We’re not sure, but an unarmed mascot ought to go over well with rank and file students of the relatively centrist southern New Mexico university (sarcasm).

Granted, we’re not happy to make this prediction. It’s just a look at the facts and Hogg’s pattern of behavior. Get ready NMSU, Hogg is coming for your guns next.

Unlike the lawsuit from Oklahoma State, NMSU will be attacked by a “veteran” triggered social justice warrior who isn’t concerned about limiting the use of the mascot, but will be set on destroying the time-tested culture. Hogg obviously knows better than any of his elders. Do you think Aggie (or an armed Pistol Pete) can survive?

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Anti-Gun Hogg Welcomed at NMSU, Hogg “Triggered” by Mascot

  1. I didn’t know that David Hogg was getting a full ride at NMSU. For now we can only speculate on what will happen, and I believe David has said he’s taking a year off to concentrate on politics. There is something we can do as the body of Christ; we should determine that we will respond to him in a way that pleases our Lord. An example of Christlike conduct can speak even louder than words, and even help change David for eternity. Thank you for sharing about this news. Blessings, shalom, and safe journeys always!

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