ProgressNow Snowflakes Afraid of 2nd Amendment Advocates Standing Up for Rights

There were a few things that stood out about attending Las Cruces’ pro-gun rally Monday, that led to the Las Cruces city council voting to indefinitely postpone their resolution against guns (though they plan to draft another resolution):

1. Lucas Herndon at ProgressNow lurked and recorded attendees (not a slight bit creepy like his old boss Pat Davis).

Lucas went on to write a piece for the Soros-money linked ProgressNow that described the scene as somehow scary and the, “menacing presence of so many armed people.” Apparently Lucas is out of touch and hasn’t seen open carry at Walmart and the local grocery store where nobody looks twice.

2. Pro-gun advocates were fired up and support for the gun advocate “protesters” was at at least 80% of the responses from vehicles and those visiting City Hall. Even media members agreed with us on our pro-gun position (great job Bev!).

3. Protesters had shown up to support gun rights at the drop of the hat, many only receiving notice of the rally the night before. But the community members really didn’t need to be told what to do or how to behave. This was their cause, so to speak. Watch the video below to hear from two participants:

I was also impressed (and I posted pictures in my last blogpost) to see not just everyday people, but also community leaders and candidates show up for the rally. A shout-out to Bev Courtney and David Cheek each running for House, William Webb for Probate Judge and Chris Mathys for PRC for all showing up (apologies to any candidates I missed– send me their names and office sought and I’ll include ’em!).

2 thoughts on “ProgressNow Snowflakes Afraid of 2nd Amendment Advocates Standing Up for Rights

  1. Please let us know of any anti-gun rallies to be held in Albuquerque. Our Soros funded Mayor (no joke) and Soros backed DA Torrez long term plan is to make Albuquerque like Chicago in terms of gun rights- we all know how that is working out. Thank you!


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