VICTORY: Las Cruces Votes Down Gun Control Measure

Las Cruces: Monday, in a victory for gun rights advocates and Second Amendment supporters, the Las Cruces city council tabled an anti-gun resolution calling for state lawmakers to crack down on gun rights and restrict semi-auto handguns and rifles.

Guns by their sides, scores of Las Crucens attended a pro-gun rally at the Las Cruces City Hall and more showed up to speak before the city council and ask the council to look at the bigger picture and consider the needs of the community.

Rebekah Stevens carries a pro-gun sign.

The mayor and City Council voted to table the resolution indefinitely, which translates into scheduling a work session or two with more public participation and look for authentic solutions,” said Betty Bishop Chairman of the Doña Ana County Republican Party, “Hopefully, the next solution won’t attempt to violate any Constitutionally protected rights, ” Bishop concluded.

A number of protesters attended the impromptu rally after hearing about it on Facebook just the evening before, others joined the rally after walking by and hearing about the attack on the Second Amendment.

Two community members explained gun rights are important because they help them protect their families.
A Bernie Sanders supporter joined our rally after seeing us while walking his dog.
William Webb candidate for Doña Ana Probate Judge interviewed by Univision.
House candidates David Cheek and Bev Courtney carry signs supporting gun rights.

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