Top Three Blogposts for 2017 (Year in Review)

We got some traction on stories this year our top three popular stories were:

Story #1: Illegal means…not legal, right? NM Media Operative Has Own View

Progressive blogger Heath Haussamen demonstrated his bias, by declaring he’d block anybody on Facebook who referred to illegal immigration to the U.S. as “illegals.” Evidently readers liked this story!!

Story #2: SFR’s Indicted Reporter: “fight them, on this medium and all others”

Santa Fe Reporter blogger Aaron Cantu was charged with indicting a riot at the Trump inauguration. Cantu had a history of writing inflammatory stories calling Trump racist and once wrote about individuals combating Trump supporters, “should be ready to fight them, on this medium and all others.”

Story #3: Sources: Mayoral Hopeful Stands by Cornelius, Cornelius Falsified Campaign Finance Reports?

Oooooops…Bob Cornelius got caught up in new scandals. This time it’s ’cause folks discovered he had a suspended license, and he appears to have falsified campaign finance reports.

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