CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Net Neutrality

Join me in calling on Congress to STOP so-called “Net Neutrality”
As a free speech advocate, I oppose Net Neutrality, because there’s nothing “neutral” about this anti-free speech policy that aims at regulating and doling out power.
The Heritage Foundation has some great resources on Net Neutrality, clearing away the confusion and explaining why its so important that this policy is shot down. Check them out here.

I just spent a few minutes on the phone speaking with members of congress, requesting that they contact the FCC in support of repealing the Net Neutrality policy. If you have five minutes, please do so. The link below does it all for you once you give them your phone number and zip code. The service will connect you to your legislators by zip.

Free speech is a big deal, and it takes all of us to make the difference, TOGETHER!

(Note: link is run by pro-NetNeutrality organization)

oh my gifts!

One thought on “CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Net Neutrality

  1. I thought this and the Internet Kill Switch had died during OBysmal. They just never give up with their Regressive ideas, do they?


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