SHAMEFUL: Fringe “Pro-Life” Activists Support Pro-Abortion Funded Candidate for Mayor

As the race for Albuquerque mayor heats up, “alt-right” fringe “pro-life” leaders Bud and Tara Shaver and Father Stephen Imbarrato have latched on to candidate Michelle Garcia Holmes.
Father Stephen went on a Facebook rant this week, whining about other Republicans in the mayoral race, while Tara Shaver was quoted in the Albuquerque Journal, talking about her donation to the Garcia Holmes campaign.
Father Stephen also publicly claims Garcia-Holmes is “not a politician.” He is either in denial or ignorant of the fact that Garcia Holmes was a political appointee by longtime Democrat Gary King, where she was tasked with running his office as cheif of staff. King also ran for the highest office in the state while Holmes worked for him. Hardly a “non-politico,” but it appears Imbaratto has found a politician who he can finally latch on to– for now.
Garcia Holme's Donors
Albuquerque Journal story here.
While Garcia Holmes claims to be personally pro-life, she is accepting donations and an endorsement, from her former boss– radical pro-abortion leader and former attorney general Gary King who opposed the late term abortion ban which was on the ballot in Albuquerque.  King took an extreme anti-life position on the late-term abortion ban calling it “unconstitutional”.
King Unconstitutional
USA Today story here.
Why would so-called “pro-life” activists support a candidate funded and supported by the very people they’re fighting? Or maybe these alt-right pro-life activists are paid to disrupt the real pro-life movement?
Additionally, it’s pretty clear that Michelle Garcia Holmes is not really going anywhere in the Albuquerque mayor’s race– by taking votes for viable pro-life candidates (who don’t accept money from pro-abortion politician), the fringe pro-life movement may be responsible for a run-off between Brian Colon and Tim Keller two radical, pro-abortion candidates who will only hurt the pro-life cause in Albuquerque.

The alt-right fringe pro-life movement then attacks what should be their own allies– including pro-life organizations and candidates or virtually anyone who does not bend to their will. By their own logic their candidate has more pro-abortion ties than any Republican in the race.

Are the convoluted actions of Father Imbarrato and Bud and Tara Shaver, out of ignorance?  Or is it a ploy by alt-right fringe activists to take down the pro-life Republican candidates and were they actually hired by the other side to sabotage another election, as they did in 2013?

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