BREAKING NEWS: Robert “Bob” Cornelius out on Bail

Sources forwarded us county jail booking information on Robert “Bob” Cornelius this morning, documenting his release from the Bernalillo County jail with a $2,000 bail yesterday.

Booking information says he was charged with driving with a suspended license, speeding and failing to appear before a judge.

Traveling in London

Earlier this month we warned readers Cornelius has already fleeced Albuquerque mayoral candidate Ricardo Chaves to the tune of $100,000.  Where will New Mexico’s favorite con man head next?!…

Hide your credit cards everyone, Robert “Bob” Cornelius is on the loose again, after two years in Texas (rumor has it he was chased out of the Lone Star State).  KOAT 7 tells the story of Bob Cornelius, the 2012 Republican National Committee alternate delegate who faced a felony arrest warrant after he ran up thousands of dollars worth of hotel and other stuff on a fellow Republican’s credit card at the 2012 RNC convention in Florida.

Wonder how that happened?  We asked around and nearly every Republican State Central Committee member we know who knew Bob in 2012, says the incident was not accidental and was horrific;  They say Bob just placed thousands of dollars of purchases on somebody else’s credit card, purposefully!  Our editor was an alternate delegate to the RNC in 2016 and says there were a few jokes about the incident in Cleveland, Ohio last summer, but some folks still don’t think it is that funny.

Bob also worked for the congressional candidate who slashed fellow-Republican candidate Janice Arnold-Jones tires in 2012.  How embarrasing!



  1. THIS GUY AGAIN? I thought we (meaning any Republican with any integrity) did chase him out of NM? This guy is a con-man who preys on political neophytes with the financial means to self-fund, as none of Bob’s clients, can get any traction themselves. Bob has been caught in lies about everything from his education to his business dealings. It is a matter of public record that warrants have been issued for his arrest, including for felony’s in Florida and New Mexico.

    Every decent conservative that I know in NM has steered clear of this self-serving low life. Too bad his current client list didn’t know better before they signed on. Unfortunately, they will find out the hard way…

    Bob go away, the GOP here in NM gets enough bad press without you…


    1. You did successfully chase him out of New Mexico – he moved to Cedar Park TX, and recently ran for mayor – and lost. However, he’s been pulling all kinds of bull crap in Cedar Park – making Defamatory videos about his political opponents AND REGULAR CITIZENS, he claims an office address that is actually a restaurant with wi-fi. He’s such a disgusting turd – we want him out too!!!


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