ABQ Schools Threaten to Cut Sports, Should Fire Armenta

ALBUQUERQUE: Albuquerque Public School District Communications Executive Director Monica Armenta has faced some criticism this week after it was brought to light that she retweeted some heavily partisan tweets from the APS Twitter account.

For six figures, she should be able to give the taxpayers a full attention span and keep the partisan retweets to her personal account when she’s off work.

While APS told KOAT that the tweets were “immediately taken down” we found that to be incorrect and we screen-shotted a retweet APS had left up, where Armenta retweeted Democrat Senator Patty Murray’s scathing attack on Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.  The screenshot was taken April 27 at 11:27 p.m.


It’s ironic that APS has had trouble funding its own sports programs and planned to cut middle school sports until numerous parties brought attention to the six figure salaries of APS’ administrators, like Monica Armenta.  Meanwhile, Armenta, spends taxpayer dollars promoting Senator Patty Murray, her hate for Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and the abortion agenda.

It is a shame that anyone in the education field would take advantage of our kids in this manner.  Shame on you, Monica Armenta!  You should resign or be fired immediately.  Our kids deserve better!

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