Happy April Fool’s from New Mexico’s Top Fake News Reporter. Period.

Today we’re awarding New Mexico’s top #FakeNews reporter– Joey Peters.  He now writes for the New Mexico Political Report, funded by ProgressNow and formerly wrote for the Santa Fe Reporter.

Joey the Jester wins our April Fool’s “Top #FakeNews Reporter” because he excels at masquerading as a journalist and fooling New Mexicans into thinking he’s a legit reporter. 

How do we know Joey the Jester isn’t real media?

Some examples of his excellence in #FakeNews reporting include obsession with harassing female political opponents, which borders on stalking:

  1. He hates Governor Martinez with a vengeance and is obsessed with referencing her underwear in nearly every story he writes and is currently suing her because he feels entitled to everything, including her medical appointments.
  2. Joey the Jester also targeted Representative Rebecca Dow with unsubstantiated, “TMZ-style” gossip stories, harassing Rebecca Dow, candidate for state Representative, as was pointed out by legitimate news outlets.
  3. Yours truly has also had a number of first-hand experiences of being stalked by Joey the Jester.  These experiences were outright creepy.  For example, Facebook stalking me, then using a personal picture from my album on Facebook for his own profile picture on Twitter.  Another time he chased me through a hotel lobby, shouting at me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I had to acknowledge him.  I was very uncomfortable and felt unsafe, concerned he would follow me to my room. 
  4. Joey the Jester enjoys stalking political opponents (mostly women) just like his boss has stalked Representative Sandra Jeff (Mommy issues?  Or something more troubling?).  The conduct of these two #FakeNews reporters is stalkerish and outright creepy (Joey’s boss Peepin’ Pat Davis camped out in front of Jeff’s kid’s home, claiming he was trying to prove she didn’t live in the district she represented).

If NM Political Report were legitimate media, Joey the Jester would cover actual news, not #FakeNews to prop up ProgressNow and attack their political opponents and any dissenters.

If NM Political Report was so concerned about candidates living in the district they represent, why haven’t they stalked Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero to make sure she lives in the district she claims to represent?

Or why haven’t they written about the conflict of interest Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis has while running a political 501(c)4 organization?…


It’s really disturbing to see #FakeNews reporters propped up by ProgressNow NM’s leftist ideology and money, parade around as an actual news outlet.  When in reality they’re #FakeNews.

The joke is on you New Mexico.  Until we wake up and call journalists, journalists and call progressive political operatives masquerading as reporters exactly what they are, the definition of #FakeNews.  Period.

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