Lame: NM Dems Claim They Want Literal Interpretation of the Constitution?

For once New Mexico Democrats are claiming they believe in the literal interpretation of the Constitution.

Yes. Really.  Why?!  Because Democrat leaders in the legislature think they can construe their “interpretation” into a fight against Governor Martinez after she vetoed legislation and sent vague memos to the legislature.
Yes, New Mexico Dems are really that lame and petty.  This interpretation by Dem leaders (details from KOB below) is as rediculous as the suggestion that we claim the Constitution doesn’t apply to Martinez because she’s female.

More below:

The revelation comes after KOB pointed out language to legislators in the NM State Constitution that states the governor is required to return vetoes with “his/her objections.” Eight of the governor’s vetoes have not included any explanation as to why she disagreed with the bills.

Attorneys working on behalf of the NM Legislature determined that the governor did not meet the constitutional requirement of sending her “objection” therefore, per the New Mexico Constitution, the bills were enacted into law after three days.  

“At the end of the day, these bills are about jobs for New Mexicans,” said Sen. Jacob Candelaria, D-Albuquerque. “These are bills that would have extended broadband connectivity to rural New Mexico that would have made it easier to attract doctors to the state.”

This is the exact language of the NM Constitution:

“If he approves, he shall sign it, and deposit it with the secretary of state; otherwise, he shall return it to the house in which it originated, with his objections, which shall be entered at large upon the journal.”

KOB focused in on this language, “with his objections.” Does that mean the governor must list why she is issuing a veto? Is a written objection necessary?

“I think it’s a very important and very serious question,” Candelaria said. “The constitution obviously says that explanations are important.”

Martinez wasn’t in Santa Fe Thursday, but Chief of Staff Keith Gardner addressed KOB’s questions.

“The governor’s constitutional requirement was met,” he said. “She sent a message down on each one of those bills and said ‘using my constitutional authority I have vetoed these.'”

 – KOB, March 16, 2017

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